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I tried it and now I like it!I tried it and now I like it!
Did you like it? You can never be sure if you like food or not until you've tried it.

In this section we want you to try a new food that you have never tried before and tell us what you tried and if you like it. It can be any food that's new to you.

Here's what other people have tried...
Tried by: amy steele
I like them becaues they are wonderful.
Tried by: Kyla
I think it was yummy because they have sugar, lemon.
The Eggless Cake
Tried by: Nicola
very easy to make smells absolutely gorgeous would recommed for you and your little ones to make
Now try our The Eggless Cake
fab fruit
Tried by: Jo
We had a fruit tasting lesson. we tried star fruit, papaya, banana and other fruit. We voted on our best and did maths with votes. I liked the papaya best
Sausage Bites
Tried by: olivia
1000000000000000000000000% yum

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Pork with Pine Nut Sauce
Dry fry the pine kernels on a medium heatKeep tossing and moving until they are lightly browned Set...