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Guidance: Fun Science with food

Science and food preparation have gone hand in hand for centuries. Scientific investigations led to types food preservation, the prevention of scurvy and knowledge of what nutrition our bodies need.

Every cooking process has some science at it's core. 

These food based Science ideas do not contain the profound but they do contain the fun.

These activities are all about getting creative in the classroom with Science and Food .

1. Making a Naked Egg. This activity covers irreversible changes, bases and acids to make a shell free egg.

2. What else could you do with a Naked Egg? A great activity to explore osmosis with your naked egg.

3. Rainbow Drinks. Density is very interesting and not very easy to understand. Rainbow drinks are a good way to demonstrate density in liquids, plus they look pretty, taste nice and if you use fruit juices they are even good for you!

4.Testing soft drinks v diet soft drinks. This experiment exlores density comparison, floating and sinking and the difference between mass and volume.

5. Making Invisible Ink. A simple and fun activity using milk to make secret messages.

6. How to make Monster Marshmallows. Explore the effect of heating on molecules to create monster marshmallows.


Making a Naked Egg

Osmosis and a Naked Egg

Rainbow Drinks

Density with soft drinks
Testing soft drink v diet soft drinks

Making Invisible Ink
Making Invisible...

Monster Marshmallows
How to make Monster Marshmallows