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Guidance: E-Safety & Use of Pupil Images



E-safety is built in at the core of this resource, through the moderation of all materials contributed to any aspect of the site by the Cookit Team or vetted administrators. Any registered teacher that is allowed to contribute material to the site has been checked to ensure they have been CRB checked with enhanced disclosure.

Using images of pupils

There may be occasions when this becomes necessary, perhaps to illustrate a specific teaching point or to show how a resource has been used.

If this is the case, then there are certain things which should be borne in mind:

  1. If images of children are to be published on Cookit, then the written permission of parents or guardians must be sought first. It is not sufficient to ask parents to contact the school only if they do not wish their child's image to be used.
  2. If photographs of children are to be used on Cookit, then it is essential that the children are not in any way identifiable. Their names must not appear on the image or in any associated or linked files. If a child's name appears, then that child's photograph must not be included.

It is, of course, relatively easy to blur or pixelate an image so that a child cannot be identified. It is imperative that an image which includes a child where you have not been able to obtain permission (for instance, because the child has left the school already) is not added to Cookit. However, you might be able to edit the image to make it possible to use it. You could ‘crop' the image to remove the individual from the photograph. Almost any image-editing package will allow this to be done quite simply.

Digital photograph and video consent forms have been included for your use.