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Curriculum mapping: KS3 Curriculum links

 Cookit offers many opportunities within the KS3 Curriculum.


KS3 Mathematics
Cooking offers a range of opportunities in practical mathematics – including weighing, conversion of weights and measures, and cost planning and calculation.

KS3 Science
Cookit can be used efectively as a starting point for pupils to think about organisms, and in particular, to further their understanding that (3.3.a.) life processes are supported by the...

KS3 Religious Education
Cookit can support the RE curriculum by looking at the importance of food in different religious cultures and festivals.

KS3 Design and Technology
1. Key conceptsThe Cookit website aims to support all four of the key concepts in the study of Food in the Design and Technology...

KS3 English
It is important to address a variety of ways that English is used and to use it practically.  Cookit gives purpose and motivation to read and understand both instructions and...

KS3 History
A study of food through time supports many of the requirements of the new National Curriculum in history.Food is, of course, a vital aspect of life in any period. Looking...

KS3 Planning for Inclusion
Planning an inclusive key stage 3 means thinking about shaping the curriculum to match the needs and interests of the full range of learners.These include:

KS3 Personal Development links
Personal Development and Every Child MattersThe Cookit website encourages the study of food and associated areas and teachers can use it to...

Cookit offers the opportunity to use ICT in a range of subjects and curriculum areas.  It can be used for research, publishing words, videos, multimodal texts etc. For example,...