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About: Accessibility

The site is built using semantic mark-up to ensure the best possible accessibility across a wide variety of platforms.

Hearing disabilities  

All content is presented in a visual manner and referenced by text descriptions. Most content is highly visual in nature with image based recipes to support learners.

Photo epilepsy  

There is no content that strobes or that flashes between 2 and 55 times per second.

Motor disabilities 

The site may be navigated and controlled using the keyboard. Fine motor skills are not required to operate the site, all objectives can be achieved by clicking.

Cognitive disabilities

Cookit is not time sensitive.  The controls are easy to use and navigation is clear and consistent.

Low vision  

We use high contrast for important instructional information. The applications will scale to a larger size dependant on screen resolution. Text within the site can be increased in size if required. All images are high resolution and can be viewed with clarity on an interactive whiteboard.

Learning styles are met and high order thinking skills are developed through materials and activities on, or related to, the site. Differentiation is built in at text level and through activities and recipes which differ in difficulty. Content is free, making it accessible to educational organizations and individuals.