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About: Introduction to Cookit


The primary purpose of Cookit is to improve pupils' skills, understanding and enjoyment of food and healthy eating.

The site provides support for the teaching and learning of a wide range of basic skills and processes. It encourages and inspires learners to explore cooking and to create and share their own recipes, using both the site and mobile devices.

The site also has strong cross curriculum links to History (Prehistoric to Modern), Citizenship, Sciences, Literacy (instructional writing), Maths (measures) and RE (celebrations), as well as a rich bank of modern recipes ranging from simple "no cook" recipes to complex, multi-step dishes.


The site focuses on different aspects of cooking, developing both learners' and teachers' skills and knowledge base.

Seasonality and celebration foods are explored through the Cookit Calendar.
Key skills are delivered through the glossary, process podcasts and recipes in a multi-sensory approach.

In the Recipes Section foods are categorised in a range of formats e.g. baking, vegetarian and difficulty, to allow familiarity with terminology and easy access to relevant materials.

The History Cookbook, contains podcasts, recipes, galleries, background information and activities relating to cooking from prehistoric times to the post-war period; it provides a rich cross curricular resource with a multitude of applications for learners.

Healthy eating messages underpin the site whilst avoiding a preachy stance. This has been a popular feature of the site. Cookit is well used by schools and is a cross-phase resource. There are recipes suitable for KS1-KS4, searchable by difficulty to encourage inclusion and to increase access for SEN learners and other groups.

In the Cooking Section there is a focus on the processes involved in cooking.

The text in areas has been differentiated to allow use by differing reading abilities, encouraging good access to all information. The glossary develops understanding of key vocabulary.  

Creating and Sharing

Cookit is a highly engaging resource that promotes pupil involvement and provides an attractive, accessible web 2 publishing space.

The site provides a stimulus for creativity and the sharing of recipes offers a real, global audience for pupils' work. Pupils can contribute recipes in text, as podcasts, or add attachments such as pictures. All podcasts are downloadable to mobile devices to encourage learners to share and exchange recipes. The contributory nature of Cookit encourages high pupil engagement and motivation and pride in the outcomes.

Learning Styles

Cookit offers a highly flexible approach to teaching and learning. Across the site materials can be downloaded and re-purposed to meet many learning goals.

Materials are specifically designed to meet all learning styles. The processes podcasts in the cooking section, for example, whilst intrinsically meeting visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and AD learning, are also designed at a linguistic level to meet the needs of these learning styles.

The site supports difficult to assess areas; higher order thinking skills such as problem solving, decision making, collaboration and creativity are intrinsically built into the process of learners constructing their own materials.


Cookit is not an assessment tool; however, it provides excellent opportunities for a range of assessment to take place. Contributed recipes, activities, pupil comments and reflections are assessable in a range of formats. The contributory nature of Cookit encourages opportunities for assessment through class based activity.

The intuitive tools and independent nature of building materials allow teachers to focus on assessment. A wide range of curriculum strands can be delivered beyond D&T, such as instructional writing in Literacy, measuring in Mathematics and comparing and contrasting in History.

Guidance & features

Cookit provides an intuitive site with little guidance needed. Teacher guidance is readily available if required. Subject knowledge can be developed for both learners and teachers in the glossary and  process podcasts

Innovative features include:

  • Cookit creator and article creator, these allow learners of different abilities to construct recipes and become published cooks in their own right
  • Vast range of free and freely available materials, downloadable and able to be re-purposed
  • Content that can be shared via mobile devices
  • Podcasts illustrating the history of cooking, processes and ordinary recipes
  • Many opportunities for pupils to contribute, collaborate and share

Anywhere Learning

Cookit provides the only food based site which offers Web 2 publishing space. Students are encouraged to contribute safely and directly to the content held on the site. Cookit allows participation in a global community, e-twinning opportunities around purposeful common themes. Accessibility and anywhere learning are promoted via free home / school use, active engagement out of school has been proven through increasing out of school use of the site (41,000 page views, up to 25,000 visitors, of which ¼ were outside school) - History Cookbook and Cookit Calendar and Galleries provide highly innovative and adaptable resources.