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Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad

Submitted by: Fergus Henderson
This recipe is in categories Main courses, Salads,
About this recipe:
Difficulty: 3
Comments: The marrowbone comes from a calf's leg; ask your butcher to keep some for you. You will need teaspoons or long thin implements to scrape your marrow out of the bone.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Number of servings: 4

This recipe was submitted by Fergus Henderson, Chef and owner of St John Restaurant, London and author of the award-winning book ‘Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking’. Picture by Patricia Niven.


Making and cooking it
  1. • Put the bone marrow in an ovenproof frying pan and place in a hot oven. The roasting process should take about 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the bone. You are looking for the marrow to be loose and giving, but not melted away, which it will do if left too long (traditionally the ends would be covered to prevent any seepage, but I like the colouring and crispness at the end)
  2. Meanwhile lightly chop your parsley, mix it with the shallots and capers, and at the last moment, dress
  3. My approach is to scrape the marrow from the bone onto the toast and season with coarse sea salt. Then a pinch of parsley salad on top of this and eat. Of course once you have your pile of bones, salad, toast, and salt it is 'liberty hall'