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Summer Holiday Lemon Granita

This recipe is in categories Breakfast, Party food, Picnic, Snacks, Vegetarian,
About this recipe:
Difficulty: 1
Preparation Time: Approx 20 minutes plus chilling
Cooking Time: 10 to 30 minutes
Number of servings: 6
Serving suggestions: Serve with a straw and ice
This is a vegan recipe

Fabulous on a hot sunny day


Making and cooking it
  1. Place the sugar, lemon rind and juice, lemongrass stalk in a pan with 150ml (¼ pint) water
  2. Heat gently, stirring until the sugar dissolves then simmer gently for five minutes  
  3. Allow to cool
  4. Strain the liquid into a rigid container. For a really cold drink, chill in the fridge until cold
  5. When you are ready to have your drinks, stir in the soda water, and serve