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Dutch Pudding

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About this recipe:
Difficulty: not rated

For pictures of the cooking process see our Dutch Pudding Picture Gallery.

With thanks to Jan and Peter Hood   for their help with making this podcast. 


Making and cooking it
  1. Add the beef and suet to a big mixing bowl
  2. Add some breadcrumbs and mix together with you hands
  3. Add some mace and use you knife to grate a little nutmeg into the bowl
  4. Add a small amount of thyme and roughly chop and add the sage leaves
  5. Add a little salt and pepper
  6. Crack open and add the contents of two eggs
  7. Mix together with you hands, if the mixture is too runny add a little more of the breadcrumbs
  8. Place the pudding cloth over a bowl or place
  9. Remove several leaves from the cabbage and place on top ot the cloth covering the surface area of the plate or bowl
  10. Put  the beef and suet mixture on top of the cabbage leaves and then draw up the sides of the cloth ensuring the cabbage leaves cover all of the beef and suet mixture
  11. Tie the top of the cloth tighly ensuring their are no gaps
  12. Take the pudding over to the cauldron and carefully place the pudding in the boiling water, leaving the top of the cloth over the edge of the cauldron so it is easy to remove
  13. Cover the cauldron and leave for at least two hours
  14. Carefully remove the pudding and undue the strin at the top
  15. Slice the pudding and serve with mustard and breadcrumbs