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Blackberry and Apple Crumble - Comments


Name: Tracy 13th September 2009
nice simple recipe, I made it with my 6 year old and she followed the recipe quite easily
Name: Kirsty 10th October 2010
This was an easy fun recipe and the crumble I made was delicious.
Name: Chloe X 19th July 2011
i am going to make this, because my little sister and i picked them for our mum, i cant wait to try it! :) x
Name: Salma 13th August 2011
I love apple crumble! Especially with blackberries. I'v tried it once and its amazing!!! I'm going to bake this with my friend Maisha maybe this weekend, because we always do baking every month trying delicious recipes. :) xxx
Name: Lucy 25th August 2011
i havent tried this yet but im shor its going 2 be lovley
Name: Haley 25th August 2011
its lovely
Name: Emily 13th February 2012
its beautiful the best recipe for apple and blackberry crumple yet !!!
Name: Stephanie Wilson 8th April 2012
Made this last night,very easy to make and quick too.
Name: Caitlin And Stephanie 10th September 2012
me and my best friend are making it now its simple to make and easy for are age coz were only 11 xxxxx
Name: Rachel 26th September 2012
I have printed this receipe off for my daughter and her friend (both age 8) as it looks very easy to make and has clear instructions. They will love it.
Name: Kylie 16th January 2013
good and easy also quick
Name: Jake And Joe 22nd July 2014
Me and my 4year old have just made it we hade lots of fun. A good one for dad's and son's to do together
Name: Matt 25th July 2015
Its very nice crumble!

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