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Chocolate Shortbread - Comments


Name: Megan Crouchly 17th October 2009
this is a good recipe but you need to put on the caster sugar before baking.
Name: YUM 23rd December 2009
this is a good as recipe, true you need to put the caster sugar before baking the biscuits. or else it burns on top
Name: Janie Pop 13th January 2010
These turned out great and are so easy to make, I added a little more cocoa used vanilla sugar and added a couple of drops of almond extract for an italian flavour
Name: DEFO 27th March 2010
Okk! I added a drip of milk and water in to make it even better :) I will defiently use this again :) thumbs up
Name: ALIX 20th October 2010
i love this, its so easy an you dont need loads of eccentric ingredients, its nice and simple and i've used it lots of times now!
Name: Bob 1st November 2010
this is amazing i found it to bake for school they loved it !!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ace 2nd November 2010
Fab stuff scrummy yummy :-D
Name: Ellie 21st December 2010
mmmm.....yummmy scrumy!
Name: Lexie Age 10 23rd December 2010
i just cooked them and i found you needed to put milk in them to get the dough to come together but other than that they were good.
Name: Lexie Age 10 23rd December 2010
i liked eating the cookie dough not cooked
Name: Ellie Harber 5th February 2011
sounds good and easy :) - hopfuly i wont forget to out the sugar in this time lol :P x
Name: Luke 6 And Danielle 3 26th February 2011
really yummy cookies and makes lots more than 8. we added a little milk too. dont cook for too long or will go too hard. we liked licking the bowl too!!
Name: Georgia 8th May 2011
their are goj i love them i made more then 8 but i never added cocoa but at the ended we put chocolate on top
Name: Good 5th July 2011
really nice, make it for my family all the time.
Name: Luccaaay. 6th July 2011
bad, horrid hated them :@.
Name: Bobby D 11th July 2011
greeeeat recipe.
Tasted awesome and soooooooo easy to make.
Will deffo be using this recipe again
Name: Sam 22nd July 2011
guys did this taste nice? As I want to try them out for tonight but only if they taste yummy haha! Thanks
Name: Holly 3rd September 2011
I am just about to make them now, after seeing all the good comments. Should be tasty and good :)
Name: Holly 3rd September 2011
I have just made my chocolate shortbread biscuits. And oh my god they are amazing, as soon as i put them into the over i could smell the chocolate, would reccomend this recipe to anyone who loves baking and chocolate!
Name: Andrew 11th September 2011
Hi, is it ok to use butter instead of margerine? Yes you can use butter, it will need to be at room temperature or it is hard to cream it with the sugar. The Cookit Team.
Name: Pam 20th September 2011
made the chocolate shortbread for my grandchildren , they loved it just about to make some more .
Name: Lolomorlayne 22nd September 2011
they are just fantastics sooo chockolaty
Name: Lois 25th November 2011
I'm making them at school. Is it cocoa powder?? Yes you need 10g of Cocoa powder.We have changed the recipe to make it clearer. Thanks for your comment. The Cookit Team
Name: Jannusha Panicker 4th December 2011
it taste sooooooooooooo good its like paradise
Name: Ree 4th December 2011
making them now - watch this space....
Name: Ben Miller 5th December 2011
What could I substitute for Cocoa Powder ingredient? Or isn't there one? This recipe really does need the cocoa to make it chocolate flavoured. If you didn't want chocolate flavour or had no cocoa you could leave out the cocoa and add more flour to make up the difference, add a little more vanilla essence to make them vanilla flavour instead. The Cookit Team
Name: Remy 5th December 2011
can beginners cook this ? Yes, one tomato means it is a good recipe for beginners. If you need help with any of the skills, watch the videos on the Cooking page to help you. The Cookit Team
Name: Ellie-mae Sowersby 17th January 2012
very good, turned out ace
Name: Bob 9th February 2012
Name: Debbie 10th March 2012
really easy to make, really tasty to eat!
Name: Sam 18th March 2012
Hi i was thinking about using this recipe do you need to add milk ?
Name: Ryan 28th March 2012
Going to make these for my food tech lesson.
Name: Colleen 7th April 2012
MMMM!!!!!! made this yesterday really easy to make really tasty & moist. I had it with mint custard just like I did at school 30 odd yrs ago I made it into slabs though not cookies & I added extra cocoa.
Name: Lauren 19th April 2012
Making these for my food tech lesson tomorrow :D We hope it goes well, why not let us know how they turned out? The Cookit Team.
Name: Kaz.fling 13th May 2012
Name: Henry 13th July 2012
Great but I think it needs abit more cocoa
Name: Laurie 25th July 2012
They are really convenient and easy I can't wait to try them they look delish I can't wait

I would recommend this recipe
Name: Yum Yum Food 31st July 2012
Just finished making these it was fun and really easy and I can't wait to try one!!!! :)
Name: Yumzers 13th August 2012
Ive made these before and they were delicious and I'm going to make them again today but without the coco powder and see how they are:)
Name: Julie Knuckey 15th August 2012
made these the other week kids hubby and work mates loved them such a easy recipe 2 gonna make them again 2day
Name: Jajamooma 21st August 2012
just about to make them with my bro, r they good??i will tell u the taste when i have finished!!!!!
Name: Wayne 30th August 2012
Just followed the recipe to precise measurements and here they come from the oven now... YUM!! Can't believe how well these worked first time. Have with mint custard they're great.
For mint custard... 2 x heaped tbsp cornflour, 2 heaped tbsp sugar, 1pint milk. Green food colouring and peppermint flavouring. Add a little of the milk to the dry ingredients to form a smooth paste. Boil rest of the milk then add to the paste stiring until thickened. Add 1 teaspoon on peppermint flavouring and as much green colouring as required until it looks appetising. YUM - WHAT A COMBO!
Name: Sanya 9th September 2012
Hi, How much do you roll it out to according to cm, if i want to use a cookie cutter
Name: Paige 8th October 2012
does it make a difference if i use self raising flour? Yes, self raising flour will change the texture to be more open and fluffy, like a cake rather than a biscuit. The Cookit Team.
Name: Brodie Donaldson 25th October 2012
It is really fun to make it is kind of hard but it was really nice
Name: Karla Amy 10th November 2012
this recipe looks really good to make,me and my friend are using it for school hope it goes well :) xxxxx
Name: Rachel 24th November 2012
I thought this was so amazing I made this for my scout friends. They said too me 'these are the best chocolate shortbread worldwide' I have enjoyed! Making these lol. I hope to try more xxxxxxx
Name: Lauren 9th January 2013
these are Fab cookies xxxxx I've made them for 6 days now and I'm gonna start selling them to raise money for charity xxxxxx i love making them and my family says they are the best they have ever tasted
Name: Karen 17th January 2013
Lovely biscuits, tho measurements are a bit awkward as my scales go up in 25g's, another valid excuse to get electric scales!
Name: David Sexton 20th January 2013
made these today they are so amazing from the taste of the of the left overs just waiting to cut them in now
Name: Carolyn 27th January 2013
i made mine soo thin that i made 30 but half of them were a bit burnt so i have about 15 left -.-
but the ones that aren't burnt are wonderful and there really easy to make but took longer than 10 mins for me to make them cuz i took my time when i made them :D i also used number cutters
Name: Moog2 3rd March 2013
did anyone find this recipe rather dry i had to add water just so that it would stick together?
Name: Tia 1st April 2013
I want to have a go at making these so when mixing the ingredients. Together do I also add the chocolate and how long do I put them in for? To make these you use cocoa and this is mixed into the creamed margarine and sugar (with the flour and vanilla essence). Bake for 15 minutes for small biscuits (approx. 1.5 inches or 4cm diameter) and up to 30 for large ones. They should be firm but crumbly when finished. They will firm up a little as they cool too. We hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Finnvincible 29th October 2013
The dough turned dry so had to add water "(
Name: UltimateQueen 3rd June 2014
i thought this shortbread was amazing!! everyone else seems to say it was too dry, but for me it was almost a little too gloopy! does it matter if i used butter instead of margarine?
Name: Mohamed 8th October 2014
it is great i would love to have a go
Name: Roxanne Duffy (Stafford) 27th January 2015
great recipe turned out great, if a little dry add a drop of milk :)
Name: Charlie D 6th February 2018
I love this recipe. My mum let me lick the bowl!

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