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Boiled Egg and Soldiers - Comments


Name: Tanae Waghorn 11th July 2010
im made it for my family and they absolutly loved it so i am so happy with myself because it was my first time cooking a breakfast.
Name: Amy 14th September 2010
good recipe
Name: HENNA 5th October 2010
this recipe was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Name: Mokoe 31st October 2010
Best recipe everrrr
Name: Dionne 23rd November 2010
it was great
Name: Karen Ann 6th December 2010
nice recipe
Name: Ebony 16th July 2011
The recipe was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Name: Gaz 23rd August 2011
haha :) thanks, it was 5am and i was starving >
Name: Flo;) 15th December 2011
I loved it! It was 9:00am and I was Ill! But I still loved it;) Great to know. The Cookit Team
Name: James McKervill 10th January 2012
I thought this was one of the best recipes i've ever tried. the joyful plunk as the eggs entered the water and hit the bottom of the saucepan, the teasing grilling of the toast and i waited so eager to get tucked into both ingredients. and when i covered the toast in soft golden butter i was in heaven. the contrasting colour of bit of red sauce at the side really added to the diversity of the platter before me. but the best bit was when i opened the soft boiled egg in front of me and witnessed to runny yellow yolk pouring out like the fountains of villa d'este gardens. and as the yellow of yolk diffused into the red sauce it was a mixture to die for. keep up the good recipes cookit. i love your work .
Name: Kairii 13th January 2012
Stands back from the keyboard in amazeemnt! Thanks!
Name: James Slocombe 10th February 2012
Worked awesome thanks!
Name: Megan Angiolini 17th February 2012
Works Awesome thanks Guys!!!!
Name: Richie 3rd June 2012
5 minutes over cooked mine and made them hard, 3 mins max!!!
Name: Josie 6th June 2012
I love this simple recipe. It brings back childhood memories of golden mornings with the smell of bacon, beans & butter!
Name: Toria 14th July 2012
5 minutes is way to long your really looking to cook them for about 3 minutes.
Name: Amelia 11th September 2012
Name: Aimee 18th November 2012
thanx 4 the recipe, but i think it should only be 3 mins because mine turned out boiled hard
Name: Sam 23rd April 2013
3mins max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Robin 27th August 2013
Hello, thought you should know the video link is to Party Jelly rather than the egg and soldier. . . (This has now been changed - thank you - the Cookit Team)
Name: Owen R 25th November 2013
Name: Mikaela Fairchild 10th October 2014
Thanks use full

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