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Juicy Jelly Mousse - Comments


Name: Catherine Jennings 23rd January 2010
We used to have this as kids "Raspberry Fluff" was our favourite - mainly because we were amused buy the name!
Am going to make this for my kids this afternoon, yum!
Name: Simon 21st March 2010
My wife is going all ecological these days, its great to have such artificially tasting lemon fluff from time to time (while she is not at home at least)
Name: Liz Bird 11th April 2010
great, I could n't remember the recipe but my kids used to love it - am going to make it now with my granddoughter Elisha!
Name: Suzy 10th June 2010
Thank goodness I have finally found it it has been missed as a tea time treat for the last 30 years. Making it straight away.
Name: Mave 7th August 2010
Used to make for my kids but forgot the amounts ---now got grandkids Thanks
Name: Philippa 18th August 2010
Had forgotton recipe, used to make it all the time at school in Home Economics.

Really easy to make and its always a favourite, young and old alike! Enjoy!
Name: Sandy Lewis 4th January 2011
Thanks so much for reminding me how to make it, like Suzy I am going to get whisking right away.
Name: Helen 13th January 2011
Does anyone know how to make this using agar agar (vegetarian) instead of the usual gelatine jelly?
Amounts of agar agar might be crucial. There's also Vege Gel or a name like that. Anyone had any experience?
We suggest the simplest solution is to buy something like Rowntrees QuickSet jelly. This is a vegetarian product as it does not contain any gelatin. It is in powder form rather than cubes and comes in brightly coloured packets from many supermarkets. You sprinkle the contents into boiling water, stir thoroughly, make up to half a pint with cold water, mix in the evaporated milk, leave to cool and then refrigerate to set.
We looked into agar agar and it a bit trickier. Measurements suggested are, if you want to gel 500ml (grams) of a liquid – you should use 2.5 grams of agar agar.
(1 pint is 570ml)
What you do…

1. Mix the agar agar with any liquid that you want to gel, and bring that liquid to a boil, whisking as you do so to dissolve the agar agar. Once the agar agar has dissolved completely, remove the liquid from the heat, and allow to cool. The liquid will remain liquid until it cools to 35 degrees Celsius, at which point it should begin to gel. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team.
Name: Fee 15th June 2011
Had totally forgotten the method to this recipe - used to make it all the time with my grandmother. Am cooling the evap right now...
Name: Tee 21st June 2011
Thanks . We used to make this all the time in the 70s/80s.I remember lemon jelly as a base and sprinkled with grated chocolate to make it " posh" was a great standby. Had forgotten about chilling the milk. This is what my lot are getting tonight It is amazing how much food can recall the past, we are delighted that you will be introducing it to a new generation. Perhaps they could let us know what they thought of it in the 'I tried it' part of the site. The Cookit Team.
Name: Bernadette 31st December 2011
does anyone know if I could make this recipe and leave it in the fridge or otherwise till the next day?
Name: Dita 24th January 2012
I am so please to find this mousse with evaporated milk Hurray !!! I can't believe this has been googled over 86,000 times. I use to make this with my grandmother over 40 years ago, sorry showing my age oophs ! I going to make it tomorrow night so let you all know how it turns out.
My grandmother had a twist to it though, she always used fruit juice rather than water and sieved fresh fruit to a puree to make up the 100ml of water may have to use less as the jellies are not so strong as they use to be !! I remember eating all the cubes before she made the mousse hee hee !?!
Everything went in the fridge though, the bowl, the whisks (for the electric mixer), the tin of fruit and the evaporated milk, the day before she would make it. She would normally make it in the morning, put it in the plastic bowl (the red plastic one for Xmas pud, you know ) and it would be set by lunchtime. She would turn it out on a plate and bring it to the table emm emm. This is an art though it was very light, lots of bubbles and set properly.... so watch this space and I'll give you the proper measurements soon !!!!xxxxxx
Name: Pauline 26th January 2012
Bernadette, my mum has been making this for years and 'yes' you an leave it overnight in the fridge. She also makes this with a pineapple jelly and adds a can of drained crushed pineapple, heaven.
Name: Mary 3rd March 2012
I used to make this for the kids but couldn't remember he quantities
Bravo! The Grandchildren have a lime version for pudding tomorrow
Name: Helenna 15th April 2012
thanks good recipe
Name: Richard 27th August 2012
My nan used to make this for my brother and I many years ago,but in those days there were no light choices available or sugar free.I have made 2 this week using sugar free jelly(only 4 flavours available).Both have turned out very nice and will be making more in the future.Takes my back to my younger days in the early 70s
Name: Catherine 27th October 2012
This is SO much better than blamange and takes me right back to childhood Sunday tea in front of the Antiques Roadshow! Food definitely rekindles memories!
Name: Bob 29th December 2012
My mother made this when I was a young fella. I made this and my son's thought I was nuts, once tasted it didn't last five minutes.
Name: Elaine 7th January 2013
My mum used to make this when we were small...used to line a dish with spomge fingers then add mousse and cream on top
Name: Heidi 12th May 2013
Mum used to make this when I was young..used to love it..I forgot to buy pudding on a rainy looked what I had in the cupboard and thought I'd give it a go...mmmm taste just like I remember. :)
Name: Cleverbird 24th January 2014
Mmmm this was a child hood favourite and was loved then! I now add fruit and/or a little cherry brandy! (Do NOT give this to children)!,
Name: Jaydee 24th April 2014
I used to make this for my children. I used orange jelly and a tin of mandarin oranges and finished with crushed ginger nut biscuits on top.
Name: Wendy Griffith 25th July 2014
Used to make this years ago for my daughter and her friends when she had a birthday party like by all the children
Name: Cathy 23rd August 2014
By "jelly", do you mean "Jello"? Two distinctly different foods.
Name: Ger 28th September 2014

No, she does mean Jelly. And to you that would probably be Jello. Very much the same thing, except this site originates in the UK, where Jello is Jelly and Jelly is Jam.

Hope that clears it up :D
Name: Jo 1st November 2014
My dad used to have this as a kid, he really wanted it and this is the only recipie I could find really good!!
Name: Jill Mullen 29th November 2014
I remember this mousse from when I was a young child,. It was absolutely delicious . As a child I remember trying to make it but I couldn't whisk it enough to get a good froth so Mum always took over. We used to and I put it into a rabbit mould and I never wanted to break into the rabbit.
Name: Di 6th January 2015
I remember this from many years ago, in fact, I don't know where the name came from but my mum (from there me and my children also) always called it Frummel. She was a primary school cook so maybe it came from her school cookbook.
Name: Grannymac4 21st January 2015
am making this for my grandkids tonight as a bairn we called it Cheat the belly really looking forward to them trying it
Name: Pamela 13th May 2015
haha, we used to call this SpookAsem - which means ghost breath. I'm definitely making this for my kids today - no good letting the fun old traditions disappear.
Name: Gary 21st May 2015
I remember first hearing this evap jelly idea when j was s kid and my mum had a Tupperware party, In one of the Tupperware 'demos' the representative made this jelly with evaporated milk to sell a sort of shaker mixer thing and a mould... I've made it ever since then, this was around 35 years ago :-)

Good old Tupperware
Name: Joan Bell 29th November 2015
My mother in law made this for our children nearly 50 years ago. Called it fozeyboze. Still making it for my grandkids. Lovely b
Name: Sue 25th December 2015
My mother in law made this for our children and the oldest is now 43. We add to the liquid the juice of a can of peaches to make up the quantity required. We have always called it ' Gone with the Swallow'. Lovely pudding.
Name: Maureen 28th December 2015
I have been making this for the last 65 years we always called it fuzzy jelly
Name: Louise 17th May 2016
First thing i made at school 45 years ago, always made it for children's parties, lovely results everytime.
Name: Bethany 28th October 2016
My nan makes it she calls if honeycomb jelly or poor mans mouse i have never tasted it and I'm making it for a Halloween party🍮
Name: Mirza 17th January 2017
I use vegetarian jelly but it doesnt turn out right its more like custard than mousse what am i doing wrong?
Name: Julie Owen Miss 10th March 2017
My Mum used to make this Mousse for us when we were little. Always popular at parties. Re Mirza's comment, sometimes Mum's would be a little like blancmange or custard in texture in the bottom of the bowl & the top was ok. She could never work out why this was. Maybe there wasn't enough air whisked into it as the ingredient's aren't exactly difficult to get wrong...I really don't know. Suffice to say your next Mousse could be just right so I wouldn't worry...Enjoy!
Name: Gail 13th August 2017
I used to make a lovely light lemon mousse by making up a packet lemon jelly with a little less water (making the total around 3/4 pint), sometimes adding in some lemon juice for a more genuine lemon flavour. When that was cool I would whisk a small can of evaporated milk until it was light and bubbly then carefully fold the jelly into the whipped evaporated milk (folding is using a metal spoon to gently turn the mixture over, to avoid knocking out the bubbles, as you add the jelly in slowly). I think this would avoid the problem of separation.
Name: GRACIE MAY 22nd August 2018

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