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American Chocolate Chip Cookies - Comments


Name: Jenny 20th October 2009
i want to konw the exact number of serving???for how many??
Name: Hanna 24th October 2009
i also needed to know the serving number, but found a similar recipe and found that this would make about 12 cookies-hope i helped anyone.
Name: Rhiannon 14th November 2009
i made them and it made 24
Name: Flora 22nd December 2009
These are really yummy! And you make a lot more than the servings amount :)
Name: Maryan 8th January 2010
these cookies are the best even though im from england i have not tasted something this sensational
Name: Xx 11th January 2010
they look sooo goood!!!!i must try that
Name: Will 31st January 2010
excellent recipe, made them before, and i'm about to make them again for my house mates at uni!
Name: Nova 14th February 2010
Yummy!! Mine are in the oven, but the mixture was reaallly good, so I'm excited for them to come out!! :)
Name: Hayley 13th March 2010
Fantastic recipe tastes like miss millies!
Name: Aishia & Armani 5th April 2010
am just making the cookies now and they are lookin pengg cant wait till we taste them x
Name: Liam & Jess 15th April 2010
Just done the dough put some samples in the oven to see how they turn out ! it was really good fun !!!
Name: Robin 2nd May 2010
Awesome Recipe. Made these cookies 3 times. Nice and chewy results.
Name: Sophie 6th May 2010
They were so yummy and chewy!!!!
Name: Maddie 7th May 2010
Perfect recipe for wonderful tasting cookies. Absolutely wonderful, easy to follow and the outcome is brilliant.
Name: Anya 9th May 2010
Even though I am not American, I am still making these great cookies.The cookies are the best ones ever, they are sooooooooo yummy!
Name: Kim Swift 12th May 2010
Ten out of ten! the nicest things i have ever tasted! fantastic!
Name: Emma 20th May 2010
These are really good, my mum deffo likes them (:
Name: Bieber Girl 12th June 2010
soo good...Easy and good!!
Name: Simon 7th July 2010
mmmm...delightful little treat for when my wifes gone ;) also try using white choc chip!!!
Name: John 11th July 2010
really good cookies, pleased the whole family!! :)
Name: Charlie Ashworth 16th July 2010
lovley my mum sold the for 5 dollors for one
Name: Tom 23rd July 2010
great i tried it replacing the oats with flour i think it came out better plus i used rolo's instead of chocolate chips very nice must try
Name: Froggie 3rd August 2010
I tried them without chochlate and used some honey insted, came out great =) the oats dominate the taste a little, but it's not a bad thing
Name: Mcjmjc 6th September 2010
DELICIOUS!!! I made them with my friends from Argentina. We can't stop eating them!! They are simply scrumptious!
Name: Joaco 8th September 2010
We made them in class with our teacher of English in Argentina. They were DELICIOUS!!!!
Name: Michelle 14th October 2010
Just made them, they're like chewy hobnobs, best of both worlds!
trying not to eat too many as dinner is on!
Name: Carwyn 15th October 2010
These are absolutely lovely :D i don't include the salt myself, and they still come out amazing, they're an all time favourite now :)
Name: Kristine 18th October 2010
Does it have to include oats?
Name: Hayli 19th October 2010
are the porridge oats neccesary? cos i don't like the sound of it.
Name: PrincessAsh 31st October 2010
I tried the recipie and they are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! You should try them!
Name: Courtney 25th November 2010
lovely cookies
Name: Sophie27 11th December 2010
What can i use instead of oats because i don't have a liquidiser

It is possible to crush the oats with a rolling pin on a wooden board, though it does take a while and it is hard work, you could use a clean coffee grinder or pestle and mortar if you have one. Finally you can leave the oats whole, this gives an oaty texture to the finished cookies though. The Cookit Team
Name: Inge M - Denmark 16th December 2010
Finally I found the right recipe. I absolutely love these cookies:-) I have tried different recipes for cookies and these are exactly like I want them. Soft in the middle - just perfect! Going to make double portion for my nephews 2nd b-day on Saturday!
Hope the birthday celebrations go well and glad you like the recipe. The Cookit Team
Name: Esme Spain 9th January 2011
i've made all kind of cookies but never one like these!!i thought it was absolutely difficult but it isn't!!
tomorrow morning i'll be at kitchen all day!!do not hesiate about that!!
Name: Sunshine 18th January 2011
This is the best recipe ever to make cookies :)
The cookies I've made were so delicious. I couldn't stop eating them.
Thanx for sharing this tasty recipe with us.
Name: Hanna 16th February 2011
What is the difference between bicarbonate of soda and baking powder? Is bicarbonate of soda the same as powdered yeast?
Name: Sam 28th February 2011
this recipe is just awesme!!!!! ive never seen such a simple method and still the cookies came out great thx :)
Name: Seville Panda 9th March 2011
this was very tasty :)
Name: Mia 17th March 2011
it's delicious............thanx
Name: Zeli 25th April 2011
Wonderfull!!! I love these cookies, best recipe ever!
Thank you,

greets from germany
Name: Joanna 6th May 2011
I just made these cookies and they are the nicest cookies I have ever made! Thank You!!
Name: Patrick 10th May 2011
This is WONDERFULL!!! I've been trying to make these for a time but never really got it right.
This recipe is spot on, great taste great crunch great all over

Thanx from The Netherlands
Name: Lucy 26th May 2011
These cookies are DE-lishous i love them. make them every week for the family and they can't get enough of them!!
your friends from England xx
Name: Rachel 20th June 2011
MMMMM very nice
Name: Jib Garlitos And Cain 4th July 2011
i like cookies
Name: Lily 8th July 2011
there in the oven and they smell lovely
Name: Nina 25th July 2011
They are pretty amazing
Just a tad sugary
Next time I"ll try with half the sugar it should be enough
I ve traded the porridge for ground almonds

Does anyone has a tip to make them look good?
Name: Elisa 25th July 2011
I love american cookies, I think I'll try to make them with this recipe. (from an italian girl)
Name: Kat3Kay 14th September 2011
Great cookies made them 3 times now...lovely
Name: Bev 7th November 2011
I make them all the time for my children and for school
Name: Craig 25th November 2011
nice lovely thing
Name: Danielle 2nd December 2011
these are gorgeous and they are so easy to make
Name: Paul 15th December 2011
i love cohcolate cookies These were very popular with our panel. Not very healthy but a lovely treat once in a while. The Cookit Team
Name: Noelle Lee 14th January 2012
The recipes are great! Makes my mouth water just reading them.Let me try them out...
Name: Rhiannon 19th January 2012
Just made these cookies with my little boy, they tasted lovely just have one question, they seemed a little doughy on the inside, is that right or should I leave them in the oven a little longer next time??? Thank you xxxxx This is really a question of preference. Our American users tell us that the perfect cookie should be a bit soft in the middle, which is as you describe, but if you give them a little longer you do get a crunchier finish.They will keep better if they are on the firmer side-if they last that long! The Cookit Team.
Name: Giulia 7th February 2012
I made these a couple of times and were always perfect! I could never find a recipe that made cookies just like the one we see on tv here in Italy!
I have one question, I would like to bake some for my boyfriend in a heart-shape for Valentine's Day. Will they cook as well if I shape them flat in the shape of a heart or do I have to roll them in a ball shape? These cookies tend to spread when they cook, if you make heart shapes they will come out mainly heart shaped but a bit blobby. For very heart shaped chocolate Valentines biscuits why not try our Chocolate Marzipan Valentine's Hearts. You can always leave out the marzipan if you don't like it. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team.
Name: Marorr 11th February 2012
Hello, I am about to try this recipe, but I have a question... How long will the cookies stay fresh and good? Thanks :) They are at their best on the day you make them but will keep well for 3-4 days in an airtight container. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Lucy Hill 18th February 2012
hi does it matter which type of chocolate you use Chocolate chips, any kind, work best but if don't have any you can roughly chop smarties, mini eggs, any white or milk chocolate into small pieces and use these. For a healthier option add any chopped dried fruit you like. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Maddie 13th April 2012
this recipe is fantastic it never fails to impress
Name: Jackwells 14th June 2012
Name: Martina =) 12th August 2012
Fantastic recipe!
Name: Helmi 26th August 2012
I'm a Finn but I love these Amercian Chocolate Cookies. Thanks for the lovely recipe, hopefully it works :P
Name: Leila 30th October 2012
Excellent recipe. I cooked them a little bit longer but it was so good. Everybody enjoyed it :-)
Name: SARA 13th November 2012
Name: Abbie 6th February 2013
they were yum and soft when you bite into them
Name: Ruby 15th March 2013
The recipe worked very well with a whole class of year 3 children.
Name: Miss Young 15th March 2013
The recipe was great!
Name: Denver 16th March 2013
i like what you did with the recipe
Name: Sayed 20th March 2013
The dough smells delicous and your kids will love them!
Name: William 20th March 2013
Great for classes & they smell very nice BUT DONT EAT DOUGH!
Name: Matthew 25th March 2013
The mixture smellt very very nice like chocolate.

Name: Kane 25th March 2013
You can make the cookie at home and it is so good because it smells and it look so nice

Name: Amy 25th March 2013
Its tiring doing the mixing

Name: Tyrese 25th March 2013
the mixture smells appetising but don't eat it raw because it has egg
Name: Madiha 25th March 2013
It's an excellent recipe and once your kids have gobbled them all up they'll go hiper! And if your a kid tell mummy that they are yummy mmmm american chocolate cookies!
Name: Leon 25th March 2013
You can cook the cookies at home don't eat the dough
Name: Denver 25th March 2013
This recipe is very appetising you could bake cakes for red nose day dont worry its not expensive.
Name: Anya 25th March 2013
It may be hard to mix . It lookes scrumptious .If you like chocolate chip you are luchy.
Name: Kane 25th March 2013
These cookies look so nice I wish They were at shops
Name: Bobby 25th March 2013
You should try this dish because it is delicious.
Name: Dillon 25th March 2013
Makes fantastic American biscuit.
Name: Bernard 25th March 2013
The cookies are amazing your kids will love them try it yourself
Name: Junayd 25th March 2013
The dough was tridky to mould into shape.
Name: Mayomi 25th March 2013
It is a bit tricky to make the shape, but it makes a big difference when it is cooked.
Name: Michael 25th March 2013
it is a fun recipes to make.
Name: Feranmi 25th March 2013
The dough is hard to mix and very slimy
Name: Michael 25th March 2013
It is a fun recipe to make.
Name: Ruby 25th March 2013
They are delicious.
Name: Jacorey 25th March 2013
They smell delicious and taste very nice WARNING DON'T EAT DOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!.

Name: Anya Peters 25th March 2013
This recipe is easy to make . there is dllishos chocolate so if you lick chocolate you are lucky .
Name: Takeo 10th April 2013
I sercahed a bunch of sites and this was the best.
Name: Jay 21st May 2013
I made them with the kids some time ago everyone thats tried them say there better then Miller's cookies
Name: KIRAN 27th June 2013
i made this and it was FAB
Name: Hajra 28th October 2013
omggggggggggggggggggggggg reall want 2 make these but ran out of chocolate soo maybe tomorrowwww
im banned from the kitchen(baking in the kitchen) because i made loads of mess last timeee............. but maybee JUST MAYBE ILL MAKE THEM TOMOROOW WHEN MY MUMS AT FRIENDS HOUSEEEEE YAYYYY CANT WAIT

btw... great comments soo reallly looking 4ward 2 ittt
Name: Jay 28th October 2013
it was awesome
Name: Hajra 31st October 2013
still havent made them butt ummmmm how may cookies does it make
Name: Franzi 19th November 2013
These cookies are awesome!

Greetings from Germany
Name: Ashanti 20th November 2013
cant wait to make them!
Name: Abba 27th February 2014
Cookies look nice and Hajra it makes about 12 if you read the recipe you would know!!!
Name: Huha 4th April 2014
I just loove choc cookies.
Name: Kiya Price 19th June 2015
I love my choc chip because the cookies look very nice ...
Name: Caitlyn Davis 16th February 2016
so goooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Sumeya 24th September 2016
Name: Marie 7th January 2017
Wonderful article! We are linking to this great content
on our site. Keep up the good writing. latahza
Name: Cupcake 24th November 2018

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American Chocolate Chip Cookies
Preheat oven to 190°C/375°F/gas mark 5Put the oats into a food processor or liquidiser and...