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Toffee Apples - Comments


Name: Joe 31st October 2011
The shop ones are red. I like these better. The red toffee is made by adding quite high amounts of artificial food colouring. Many parents have concerns about the effect of food colouring on children and it makes no difference to the taste. We added this colour free version as an alternative. The Cookit Team.
Name: Luqmaan Ahmed 2nd December 2013
Very informative enjoyed reading this, great work on making it the 'healthier' version, I`m greatly satisfied.
Name: Roniya 7th November 2014
I would love to try this recipe out so I asked my mum and she said we could make it tomorrow.
Name: Pula 13th December 2014
this is great. i like how it tasted .
Name: Lola Prunwood 22nd March 2015
this is amazing i would recommend this
Name: Sara 18th May 2015
I made this for a homework project got really good marks and tasted great
Name: Aisha 22nd September 2015
MMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Best recipe ever (not if your on a diet) lol
Name: Stella 18th December 2015
how really yummy and healthy too
Name: Sinthiya 8th February 2016
i really would like to try this
Name: Adam 21st February 2016
yummy this so nice omg you have to try this now trust me
Name: Kayley 29th March 2016
this is lovely I can't believe I did them because they sounded lovely and they are amazing and taste lovely
Name: Oliver Lessiter 30th June 2016
This reminds me of myself as I am a toff, I really like toffee too
Name: Tilly 8th November 2018
Great and yummy

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