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Quick Bake Victoria Sponge Cake ( Microwave recipe) - Comments


Name: Natasha McKenny 26th September 2011
worked a treat! very yummy too! :)
Name: Kathy 16th December 2011
Is it one sort of microwaveable container or two (half mixture in each)? This makes a single victoria style sponge cake, this is a very buttery kind of sponge made in a dome shape. You can drizzle the top with warmed syrup and serve it as a sponge pudding. If you have plastic, microwaveable cake tins you can split the mixture and cook it like a traditional layered sponge. It will be pale unlike an oven baked cake, microwave cakes are often iced to hide this. The Cookit Team
Name: Anne 6th March 2012
amazing food.
Name: Lellie 3rd December 2012
Perfect pick me up treat. Thanks
Name: Jane 31st January 2013
lovely.... just what i wanted for a quick sponge cake..
Name: Arianna 2nd February 2013
I found it esay
Name: Lorraine Thomas 11th February 2013
I put 2tbs strawberry jam on top of mixture. easy peasy, jam sponge pudding!! jam sinks to bottom when cooking.
Name: Sophie 20th February 2013
my did not tern out good but i'm 10
So ya thank any ways
Name: Polly 26th February 2013
baking it now. Hopeful. Fingers crossed
Name: Tresa 17th March 2013
It came out very well the best part is it hardly takes any time to prepare it
Name: Liz 1st April 2013
very pleased with the recipe so quick and easy
Name: Christine 10th April 2013
Gonna have a bash at this today...heres hoping all turns out well..
Name: Chrisse 5th June 2013
line dish with butter pour in a few centimetres of syrup before you put mixture in. cook and turn upside down. Even better.
Name: Aqeel 17th November 2013
My cake turned out great
Name: Rose White 15th December 2013
just tried to make one but it didn't rise but overflowed the dish I put it in and that remailing in dish is very heavy - sad as we call it around here.
Name: Lilly 31st December 2013
worked really well, much quicker than 15 mins with an electric beater!!
Name: Ellie 17th January 2014
Just made this. It tastes wonderful. The perfect pick me up food. I ate mine with some ice cream and it was the best thing ever.
Name: Carmen 18th January 2014
Hope This Is Gunna Work Since My Oven Won't Trun On xD
Name: Mya 8th February 2014
easy and super quik tried it out and it was delisouce loved it
Name: Alan 10th February 2014
try using wholemeal flour its wonderful for this recipe
Name: Ayen 17th March 2014
Id want to try this one since the recipe i have for microwaveable cake hardens but should i use granulated or powdered sugar? Tnx
Name: Patricia 19th June 2014
I added pink coloring, looked great
Name: Syeda 25th June 2014
Today i tried this recipe, it was really good in result and very helpful. At the end, before using any topping or frosting i spread sugar water for maintaing soften of Sponge cake.

Sugar Water;
*125ml water
5oz (142g ) sugar ( if its much then use less about your taste).
-/ boil- allow to cool.
Name: Harp 22nd August 2014
I cooked today. It was amazing!! Thank you
Name: Barbara 26th August 2014
It would be helpful if the microwave power was included, to help with knowing whether to adjust cooking times up/down or simply adjust the power level of my microwave to suit the recipe.
Name: Aruna 29th October 2014
it is helpful buttttttttt... nowadays ingredients are measure in g,kg,ml and not in oz so it will be difficult to measure if the recipe measurement are in oz
Name: Sal 5th January 2015
Recipe instruction is not well laid out!
Name: Neil 18th January 2015
Very easy recipe to follow ....I never had enough butter in the fridge so I made a 3oz cake ....kept my little girl quiet for a few mins ...I thought it was a fool proof easy to follow guide .... ;-)
Name: Tim 2nd February 2015
Easy to follow I used 1 oz less sugar, butter and flour. Result was great thanks
Name: Abhi 5th June 2015
Nicely explained, I actually made this victoria sponge cake today, it is a universal fact that cake cooked in microwave oven tastes delicious. Microwave oven usually saves time in cooking and does retain the nutritive value of food. It is guaranteed method of fast cooking. Best Cookware Set Reviews
Name: Deidre Harrell 3rd July 2015
This cake is delicious!! The lightest cake I have ever had! Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe. Ended up cooking mine for 10min but it was perfect!
Name: Naznin 9th July 2015
What oz
Name: Lorna 21st July 2015
Just made this with 2lrg eggs 5oz self raising flour and 5ozs sugar. greased the micro pasta dish, poured honey not to much, and cut up fresh strawberries added a bit of milk to the cake mix cooked for 6mins 15secs. Delicious loved it.
Name: Katarina 2nd August 2015
6 oz= 175 g
Name: Vanessa 28th November 2015
what if I don't have self raising flour can I use all - purpose flour/top flour?
Name: Vanessa 28th November 2015
if I do not have self raising flour can I use all purpose flour?
Name: Barbara 17th December 2015
Easy to make
Easy to cook
Really tasty and it's rises 😊
Name: Valma 13th February 2016
Hi there wanne make the cake but not sure what 6oz means.Can you explain please would appreciate it.

Name: Anele 21st February 2016
Oz is the abreviation for ounces, you have the equivalent in grammes too. Self raising flour is substituted by regular flour with baking powder added.
Name: Harry 24th August 2016
Hey i was wondering i want to make this looks amazing and easy to make nothing specal needed but i was wondering what size bowl are we talking? like a mouring cereal bowl or a big bowl like a 5inch tall bowl or a 15 inch bowl please repond asap i want to make this for my mum she not sick or anything just want to make it for her
Name: Tricky 23rd October 2016
My 6 year old daughter and i just made this cake. We used caster sugar.
Google coverted 6oz to 170g.
Resulting sponge is just how i remember it when my Mum used to make this sponge in the microwave.
Good result after 6mins 30seconds in 900w microwave using a large Pyrex dish.
We used electric whisk and preparation was quick.
Going to try adding jam or syrup next time :)
Daughter very happy.
Name: Wayne 17th January 2017
Surprisingly good!
Name: Kevin 16th August 2017
Will it break if i cook it in a round mould and cut it in 2-3 circles.Is the cooking time the same for a 850 w microwave ?Thanx very Much for your reply
Name: Cabby Dave 3rd September 2017
My wife mentioned that she'd quite like some cake with her tea. 10 minutes later it was cooked and ready. I sliced it through the middle by the way and spread it with lashings of raspberry jam. Mmmmmm
Name: AL 5th December 2017
How long to cook in 11000 watt microwave
Name: Gabby Metcalfe 17th December 2017
Perfect Cake for the grand kids to make and decorate....will Definately be making it again.
Name: Sue Richards 10th February 2018
hi long will it take to cook on a 700w microwave thank you for reading xx
Name: Phil 23rd April 2018
Was nice can I put frozen fruit on bottom of mixture
Name: Deb 25th October 2018
We all loved it, will do again. Had to have cream with of course
Name: Jacquie 4th July 2019
I tried a recipe years ago called "Sophie's Pudding" which used 2 oz of all ingredients spread across the top of tin of apricots. Beautiful pudding which one could just brown slightly in oven/or under grill briefly. Add cream or custard, Perfect dessert. Cannot find recipe on line and want to try again from memory. Your website jogged me into action.
Name: Jennifer 8th July 2020
I tried it and it turned out great. And it tasted marvellously delicious

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