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Rabbit Stew - Comments


Name: Tony Sleep 24th May 2010
I was born in 1950. Rationing of most meats didn't end until 1954, but rabbit was unrationed and occasionally available even in NW London. My mum used to make this (without the apple I think, but with bacon rinds instead of bacon which was in far too short supply for such extravagance). I remember her rabbit casserole as absolutely delicious, a favourite meal to look forward to. We never had a haybox, it just got eaten immediately. Thanks for this. We have been delighted that people have shared their versions of dishes. It seems that many recipes were adapted to suit whatever was available. We tried it with just the bacon rinds as you suggested and it still works really well. So thank you. The Cookit Team.
Name: Lucy 15th October 2010
Name: Saffron Diggle 11th March 2011
Name: Sumbal Minahil 24th March 2011
i like that you have done it
Name: Sumbal Minahil 24th March 2011
yuck! i hate it
Name: Bob Tree 20th May 2011
yuck who would eat that?
Name: Kirsten Freiesleben 20th July 2011
This is delicious. You don't need the bacon. It's really good to use wild meat as it's so healthy and of course it's free range! I use apple juice and stock 50/50 and lots of herbs.
Name: Lulu 30th December 2011
It looks delicious... was going to buy some rabbit but wasnt sure what to do with it... Thanks :D Many of our users have tried our rabbit dishes as a cheaper dish to make, we have had some great feedback. Let us know what you think. The Cookit Team.
Name: Gemma 5th January 2012
I LOVE rabbit!! thanks for this amazing recipe! i eat it all the time when i pretend there is a war on!! i especially love the hay basket trick! i do it with all my dinners!!! thankyou!! :D xxxxx
Name: Katie 18th January 2012
I HATE RABITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lucas Datson 20th August 2012
Name: Alex 8th October 2012
looks yummy.
Name: Eleanor 16th October 2012
looks ewww
Name: TASIO 9th May 2013
Name: April Holton 29th September 2013
That is horrid
Name: Sofia 8th December 2013
it looks disgusting but I suppose you would have to have it if you had to
Name: Gina 9th June 2014
yuck rabbet stew descusting horbel who would eat that if eney onr eat that they would be horbul
have a nice day by the way
Name: Jennifer 18th August 2014
Its look delious and would have provided a nutritional meal when needed. Food was scarce and whatever you had on hand was what made a meal. Thank you for a good Ol fashioned recipe.
Name: Bonnie Parker-Duke 10th September 2014
The rabbit stew is actually very delicious! Thank you for the recipe. People shouldn't judge a recipe by just looking at it. It shows a lack of education and manners.
Name: Dee Jordan 1st November 2014
looks awesome! i have been raising meat rabbits for several months now and am always looking for different ways to cook it. this is very educational as well. i didnt know a thing about hay boxs. def. a good resouce to keep tucked away. making this stew now, minus the hay smells great!
Name: Yolo 25th February 2015
U like rabbit stew u are eeeeeeww
Name: Troll Master 13th October 2015
Name: Noora 19th January 2016
It tastes disgusting it's like a crime
Name: Daniel Butler 11th February 2016
It is so nice
Name: The Big Bad Wolf 16th January 2017
Name: Sussane 27th February 2018
I love this recipe, I could tell that you put a lot of time and dedication into this recipe and I love it. It took me a long time to find a box of hay but I finnally found it and I love eating the hay I mean the stew. I also killed a rabbit thank you for helping me. The bomb raids are scary I am scared for my little girl Charlotte she is only 4 the bomb raids scare her. But we have our hay stew with rabbits thank you. I love the hay. So much. I love you.,
Name: Jedd 9th December 2018

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