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Vegetable Pottage - Comments


Name: Liz 4th May 2010
Thanks for the recipe. We are making and eating pottage on Friday at school as part of our medieval topic.
Name: Ruth 9th October 2010
Hi. I'm a student and would like to use your picture of your pottage in a college presentation.
Would that be OK?

Yes Ruth that fine - The cookit Team
Name: Sally 3rd December 2010
please could you tell how many this recipe will serve
The recipe serves 4, if you want it as a side dish it will serve 6. The Cookit Team
Name: Chloe 4th October 2011
love the recipe very very nice loved it
Name: Anastasia 12th October 2011
hi, i have a history project on the life of a serf/peasant and i would like to use this picture. is that okay? also can I have some more information on this picture because we have to cite our sources using noodletools, but I don't have enough information. thank you :) Our images and information can be used for educational (only non-commercial) projects and lessons and it is always a good idea to ask about image use. The images for this recipe were taken in the reconstructed kitchen at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum and the dishes were researched and prepared by historical food expert Cathy Flower-Bond. She interprets original source material Like 'Two Fifteenth Century Cookbooks' into working recipes at the museum and this is one of her recipes. We hope this answers your questions and hope your project goes well. The Cookit Team
Name: Jalen 13th January 2012
Knowledge wants to be free, just like these articles!
Name: Hi 23rd May 2012
Good for projects
Name: Danika 3rd October 2012
hey thanks
Name: Zara 24th October 2012
this is horrible
Name: Smiley 31st October 2012
This is gross
Name: Esther 25th November 2012
Will be making this for a Tudor Christmas with the in-laws. Missing the guys at HRW and Weald and Downland, where I first got to make and eat my own pottage and bread. Thanks for the recipe memory jog. :)
Name: Nishaanky 20th March 2013
I am eating this for Tudor day tomorrow. I hope its taste! But is it?
Name: Alice 13th May 2013
Wow love this
Name: Mitchell 13th May 2013
This website is cool I like very much
Name: Savannah 7th July 2013
this recipe changed from 3 das ago! ??? :D We are not sure what you mean. Most of our History Cookbook recipes have a modern version too and so these can be a little different. Perhaps this is what you meant? The Cookit Team.
Name: Katie 21st November 2013
Nice recipe
Name: Bob 24th June 2015
Love the website
Name: Rose 11th January 2016
Just love this recipie, its delicious :)
Name: Finn 28th February 2016
I hate it
Name: Jacob 18th March 2016
This is a great website as it helped me with my Tudor project. Thanks cook it!!
Name: Isac 20th March 2016
do you serve dishes like pottage to other people?
Name: Max 13th May 2016
How many servings does this recipe make for
Name: John 13th November 2016
Very helpful videos on Tudor recipes.
Name: Kerryanne 16th November 2016
really easy it helped me with my tudor topic at school
Name: Grace 21st March 2017
Hello everyone. I have a suggestion to make to the recipie. It would make the pottage more enjoyable by adding a few more vegetables like carrots, cauiliflour and garden peas. At my schools medieval banquet we added these and it was good. We also had homemade brown bread rolls too. This makes the meal thoroughly more enjoyable 😊
Name: Julie Hinsley 14th July 2017
Portage was also thickened with porridge oats works well
Name: Kitty 4th October 2017
it helped me with my Tudor homework for school thanks for the recipe
Name: Kir 30th July 2019
Made this out of curiosity not expecting much - it's surprisingly delicious and hearty, and I will definitely be making it again. (I added 50g of porridge oats to thicken and a teaspoon of marmite for some body)

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