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Simple Easter Biscuits - Comments


Name: Timmy 10th September 2009
These look really tasty
Name: Shelly 14th February 2010
these biscuits are really yummy and easy to make.***
Name: Kelly 8th March 2010
Really easy to make and delicious to eat !
Name: Leanne 8th March 2010
You could try changing the mixed spice to Oil of Cassia. This is what they did originally, so if your after that traditional tasting Easter Biscuit try Cassia Oil.

I find do a pure essential oil for the strong, distinctive taste.
Name: Samantha. 14th March 2010
i made these for mummy
Name: Emm 21st March 2010
amazing and tasty
Name: Alli 22nd March 2010
I added the mixed spice in, when adding the currents. They still tasted yummy, but is that when i should of added it?
My kids LOVED these.
Yes, the spice is added as a dry ingredient with the currants. Glad you liked them. The Cookit Team
Name: Tia And Keiras Mummy 23rd March 2010
Could you use choc chips instesd of currants?
Yes, you can use chocolate chips, not as traditional but they would work. the Cookit Team
Name: Sophie 24th March 2010
These are so nice I ate the ones for the cake sale 8P
Name: Vikki 30th March 2010
i made these today and the cooking time is too long. i only cooked them for 10 mins.
Name: Emily 5th April 2010
they r just as good with chocolate chips as they r with currants
Name: Emily.w. 6th May 2010
I haven't made any but there to calorific.(that means there very unhealthy!!!) it disgusts me. children should be eating apples not cakes!!!!
Name: Jessica 16th May 2010
RUBBISH! We had to make them into cakes they went so gloopy!
Name: Mairead 6th October 2010
These remind me of my childhood - lovely! And a little bit of what you fancy does you no harm - neither does good grammar!
Name: Sam 8th March 2011
i substituted butter with low fat margarine and sugar with approx 1/3 worth of sucrolose sweetener (aspartame is linked to cancer so i wouldnt recommend it). this made my biscuits reasonably healthy and low calorie, but still sweet tasting.
Thanks for your suggestion. A great way to make a healthier biscuit. The Cooki Team
Name: Sam 8th March 2011
Use cassia oil instead of mixed spice to give the authentic easter biscuit taste. it can be bought in boots stores (uk) around easter time (my local store has it in stock now). You may need to ask at the pharmacy counter.
Name: LIZZIE 13th March 2011
my grandchildren enjoyed making them yummy yummy
Name: JJ Brown 30th March 2011
Good recipe. Very simple. Pronto
Name: Tom Harris (aged 11) 7th April 2011
I have just made these at my school for my easter service and we have put them in plastic bag bunnys. these are delicious biscuits and would recommend it to everyone I know. :) !!!!
Name: Emma Dubberley 16th April 2011
I just baked these in bunny shapes with added orange flavouring , and currants ! I used the mixed spice and a pinch of cinnamon and half I'm planning to ice with orange icing ;-) the kids love these have made before v nice and simple to do! Also I used wholemeal sr flour , healthier
Name: Megan 19th April 2011
VERY YUMMY!! Great for making with friends!
Name: Melissa 20th April 2011
i really loved making these biscuits they are very yummy
Name: TJ 20th April 2011
We made them with currants and we thought they were...fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jess 20th October 2011
These biscuits are yum!! I made them gluten-free and they worked really well, I even froze them and everyone liked them the next day too. They're now after me to make more.... Glad you liked them. Why not submit your gluten-free version to the site? We are always glad to put up new recipes. The Cookit Team
Name: Darren 14th March 2012
Wow, these are great!. Can't wait to make them again!
Name: Ellen 29th March 2012
These biscuits are delicious and I'm definately gonna be making them again. thanks guys xx
Name: Megan 4th April 2012
cant wait to cook em as i havent
Name: Chloe 4th April 2012
they were yummmmm
Name: Margaret 6th April 2012
Made these with my son as part of his homework project. They were delicious - light and slightly crispy and full of flavour.
Name: Oisin 7th April 2012
They are really nice this is my 4 th time making them:)
Name: Liz 15th December 2012
These are great for Xmas too, forget the currants, use Christmas shaped cutters and decorate with coloured icing for a fantastic Christmas treat.
Name: Lucy 19th March 2013
Just made these with gluten free plain flour-only needed cooking for just over 10mins but they're lovely :-)
Name: Smithe727 21st April 2014
Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group? There's a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks
Name: Gabriella 6th October 2014
it was an ok recipe but if you take out the currants and maybe add another flavour like ginger or vanilla extract and use icing it would taste lovely

Name: Izzy 3rd April 2015
I made these they where so nice! I didn't add currants instead I added extra mixed alice. To the icing I added some too. Mixed since in icing reminds me of Xmas cookies!

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