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Scone Based Pizza - Comments


Name: Idunnolol 16th August 2012
Name: Taranveer 18th September 2012
Really good but I questiOn confuses me what is tomatoe puree? Tomato puree is a thick tomato paste, you can get it in jars or tubes, It is possible to make but takes a very long time to cook the tomatoes down until there is almost no water. We hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Emily 29th November 2013
I made a really nice one at school with a completely different recipe and b4 ANYONE says anything it was a scone based pizza
Name: Kalisha 2nd May 2014
really good website helped thank you xxx
Name: Hafsah 12th February 2015
These tips were very useful.
Thank you!xoxoxoxoxoxo
Name: Ashely 19th May 2015
really really nice thanks for the tips
Name: Kian Baines Daw 2nd March 2016
this is very helpful
Name: Bob 25th May 2017
good pizza
Name: Lily Cross 15th December 2017
very helpful very good for fam meals
Name: Flaming_HotDog_564 8th June 2018
I was hungry in the house and I had friends over..
So I researched how to make pizza and this amazing website helped me.. And I had friends over because I'm a 12 year old boy.. AND YES I COOK!!! -_-

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