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Red Nose Day cakes - Comments


Name: Nadia 15th March 2011
i love these cakes am doing a stall 4 red nose day and am doing these cakes YYYYYYAAAAYYYYYYY.XXXX
Name: Amy Pearson 2nd February 2013
they look really nice and i am 12 i treid to cook them and they turned out great
Name: Tara 10th February 2013
I think this website is rubbish because on the recipes none of them have any pictures to show you what they look like when they have finished. Thank you for leaving a comment. We are not sure what you mean as, with the exception of about 5 recipes, all of our recipes have finished images, including the one you commented on. Many have pictures of all the steps and stages too. Most pictures are kindly submitted by users. If there was a particular recipe you had a problem with, do let us know. The Cookit Team
Name: Cactus 15th April 2013
Heck of a job there, it absouletly helps me out.
Name: Rania 31st December 2015
I tried this at home and it came out amazing the cupcakes came out very fluffy and the texture was amazing and outstanding.The best part for me was cracking the eggs and icing them,even though I ruined one of them as I iced it messily and very weird.
I recommend this to all people who love to bake cupcakes or even icing!
Name: Inferno 24th March 2017
really good.
Name: Andre 9th May 2017
This is a really god thing to do if you are bored and they turned out really tasty, the taste and texture is outstanding and awesome. I do really recommend this recipe.

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