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Pancakes - Comments


Name: Jamie 16th February 2010
i like it.
Name: Maana 31st July 2010
thanks alot for the recipe!! it was hard trying to find a recipe for 5-6 people.
Name: Uknown 23rd October 2010
This Recipe is amazing! Hard to find and great recipe.Thanks
Name: Libby 2nd January 2011
this is delicious! :) i luv pancakes
Name: Jess 9th March 2011
i love making pancakes and this recipe really helped! thankyou
Name: Mia 27th March 2011
This is a gr8t recipe but what heat is the pan meant to be on at. XxX We didn't give you an exact temperature as pancakes are best cooked keeping an eye on the temperature and it depends on your hob. If you are using a gas hob the temperature changes fast when you alter the gas, with electricity it takes longer. Our best advice is: Get the pan very hot(the oil should just begin to smoke) before you start to cook the pancakes, use the high setting for this. Then as soon as you start to cook turn it down towards the middle setting, if the pancakes look like they aren't crisping nicely after a while, turn the heat up again a little to boost the pan temperature. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Olivia 25th July 2011
This is a great recipe, but how much batter are you supposed to pour on the pan at a time? You need enough batter to thinly cover the base of your pan. Using a ladle can be helpful, as you can control the amount you use. The Cookit Team.
Name: Glauco 19th February 2012
Those look pterty darn delicious to me!!! I know what you mean, though -- my mom's always a great cook, but there are a few things that are so delicious, it's magical. I can make the same recipe, but it doesn't taste as good as hers!
Name: Alex 9th April 2012
This is awesome me and my sis are gaining weight not losing it ;-)
Name: Mobeen 13th April 2012
Name: Lomagel 18th August 2012
Great. Delicious. Had to do it twice..! GREAT RECIPE THANKS.
Name: Lilly 22nd July 2013
these r awesome love them
thanks;) :*)
Name: Sam 27th November 2013
great recipe very good fantastic
Name: Emma Dore 20th December 2013
Name: Chloe Beardshall 1st June 2015
hello there amasing bro
Name: Jack 5th June 2015
Name: Angel 5th January 2017
it is awesome i cant wait to make them
i hope they taste good
(i know there gonna taste superb.)
Name: DanTDM 21st February 2017
Name: Ameliasha 18th October 2018
very nice pancakes delicious.

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