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Beef Stew with Dumplings - Comments


Name: Grace Lee 19th February 2012
I cooked these dumplings in my beef stew today, though we cannot get suet in our country, (The Netherlands), I used 2oz butter instead, froze it and grated it.

I know you cook yours on a range, I have a gas stove, I had to pretty much guess what heat you may have had your oven, I cooked my dumplings on gas 6, for 5 minutes then gas 5, for 5 minutes.
They came out quiete well, not as high as yours in the video, but in the stew they came out light and fluffy. Sorry forgot to take a photo, my family said they were delicious.
Could you please tell me what heat I would need?
A lovely video, and I love your site, very informative and well explained, (I do know that no degrees for ovens would be given as it is for victorian, or tudor, etc etc,) , as they had none of these modern equipment, but for people like myself, who have such an interest in what they cooked and would like to try and experiment, perhaps it could be mentioned.
I thank you once again.
Yours Fathfully,
Mrs G. Lee.
Name: 456 5th February 2013
looks very hasty like
Name: Yasmim 16th September 2013
I do wonder if the video and the audio are in srsnhyocination. It appears that one voiced ingredient does not coincide with what is being put in at the precise moment. Kinda confusing, if you ask me!
Name: Kate 20th October 2014
This recipe calls for one swede. What is a swede? A swedish person? Should they be male, female, or does it matter? How large should they be?
-Confused American
It is also called a rutabega - the Cookit Team
Name: Dstar 23rd May 2016
Hi, I am doing this for a school cooking project. I have realised it is quicker if you cut veggies the night before. A range is a hob, what you put a frying pan on. I hope this will help future people

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