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Carrot Roll

This recipe is in categories World War 2, Main courses,
About this recipe:
Difficulty: 2
Comments: The cold potato can be tricky to handle, it doesn't roll out very well. We found it easiest to use our hands.
Preparation Time: 20 mins
Cooking Time: 30-40 minutes
Number of servings: Serves 4 as part of a main meal.
Serving suggestions: Serve with green vegetables and well seasoned brown gravy.

Carrots were particuarly promoted as a healthy eating food during WW2. This recipe was submitted by Fergus Martin, Chef at the Robinson Centre, Wyboston.


Making and cooking it
  1. Peel and then grate the carrots coarsely
  2. Cook for 5-10 minutes in 1-2 tsp water. Cover the pan so they steam, using a low heat
  3. Remove from the heat, season well and add the vegetable extract and oatmeal
  4. Boil for 5 minutes, stirring to thicken
  5. Leave to  cool
  6. Put the oven on to Gas 6, 200 C
  7. Dust the pastry board with flour and roll out (shape) the cold potato into an oblong shape
  8. Place the carrot filling in the centre, then fold over and shape into a roll
  9. Dot with a few shavings of fat and bake in the oven until nicely browned