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Spiced Apple Juice or Non-Alcoholic Hippocrass

This recipe is in categories Tudors, Healthy eating, Vegetarian,
About this recipe:
Difficulty: 1
Preparation Time: 3 mins
Cooking Time: 5-8 mins
Number of servings: 4-6 glasses
Serving suggestions: Serve with sweetmeats
This is a vegetarian recipe

This is a non-alcoholic version of Hippocrass. The spices and honey give the drink an lovely aromatic flavour. It's the perfect drink for cold winter evenings. And unlike Hippocrass it is suitable for children.

Optional: Depending upon how sweet the apple juice is you may want to add a little lemon juice to stop it getting too sweet. This is best made with a sharp or dry apple juice.

Making and cooking it
  1. Pour the juice into a saucepan
  2. Break the cinnamon quill into pieces and add to the pan
  3. Add the runny honey and ginger too
  4. Grate a little fresh nutmeg in
  5. Warm the juice to let the spices infuse and the honey melt
  6. Taste and add lemon juice if needed
  7. Serve warm with gingered bread or pieces of cake