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Semolina Pudding - Comments


Name: Michelle Sturman 20th May 2010
thankyou so much ,i have never made was lovely!!x
Name: John 3rd July 2010
I'll let you know when I've tried it. Prof of the pudding......etc
Name: Gaynor 14th July 2010
thanks so much it was lovely will make it again now i know how ;0)
Name: Bob Tarron 31st August 2010
Lovely! With Ginger Nuts.
Name: Chris 22nd October 2010
Its in the oven and looks very promising! - And semolina is so cheap!
Name: Andrew Ferguson 20th February 2011
Why does it need to be cooked for 20 minutes? it looks like its done after about 5

I'm going to eat it and see what happens

Our period recipes suggested 20 minutes, and cooked gently ours took that long. If may be fine semolina can be cooked more quickly or a higher heat with plenty of stirring works. How was it? The Cookit Team
Name: Mark 5th June 2011
Just made this and included 4 blocks of Toblerone chocolate....excellent results!!
Name: Maureen Patricia Herzen 26th July 2011
i did not make this recipe but cooked small amount in microwave with milk was creamy put bit of sugar or honey on it had for breakfast was delicious .
Name: Niimo 7th August 2011
What can you put instead of nutmeg or do you have to put it? Nutmeg is a traditional flavour to add, you could use cinnamon if you prefer it and some people like it with a little jam/jelly spooned on top for sweetness. You could even serve it with a little fresh fruit The Cookit Team.
Name: Jackie Dillon 24th September 2011
I would like a different form of measurements. Such as tssps or cups etc. I feel this would help me as well as others who do not have a way to meas. grms. We have added metric measurements in the hope this helps and an American friend has suggested the following in cups: 2 1/4 cups milk, 1/3 cup semolina, 1/4 cup or half this for wartime rationning version, a knob of butter and either nutmeg or cinnamon. We hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Jane Summers 7th November 2011
It might be helpful to show this recipe in Ounces seeing as Imperial was the measurement system used during the war. As our site is an education site, standard recipes are usually presented in metric. Historical recipes are usually presented in both imperial and metric. Thank you for noticing that this one had only metric. We have updated it to show both. Thanks. The Cookit Team
Name: JayD 1st December 2011
Amazed people have the time post a message moaning about measurements not being in their desired format but don’t have the time to put 25g into google to convert it themselves. Well done for bothering to answer them.
Name: Mammafo 6th January 2012
Found "Semola de Trigo" on the shelves of a Spanish supermarket and thought it might be the same thing. Wasn't sure though so just tried a couple of teaspoonfulls with about a cup of milk, boiling it on top of the stove. Like Andrew Ferguson (above) I thought it looked cooked much sooner so tried it. It tasted great. I didn't use any sugar though, everything here is so sweet, even the milk, so I used milk and semolina - it was delicious!
Name: Em 5th April 2012
Om nom nom nom nom nom.....!
Never made semolina before. Mine cooked pretty quickly on the stove too - sultanas and fresh nutmeg this time with a drizzle of golden syrup on top (yum!), Toblerone idea sounds like it may need to be the next batch I do!
Name: Big Tone 23rd April 2012
tried 3 variations in cooking this dish. All work, stove, oven and microwave but the enphasis is on regular stirring as will go lumpy very easily. Only problem with measurments in this recipe is 2 to 3 ounces is very vague wheras 45 grms is . Whats wrong with 21/2 ozs which works for me. 2 ozs means runny pudd and 3 ozs can be too thick.
Name: Kathryn 9th May 2012
I make a similar recipe without the butter or spices which my daughter & I love. I heat the milk first (as with making custard) and mix the semolina, sugar & a small amount of milk in a medium-sized bowl. When the milk has begun to bubble around the edge of the pot, I pour the milk into the bowl, stir and return the whole mixture to the pot. Thereupon, I stir till thickened and serve with currants and/or sultanas - placing them on top to create a face (for my daughter's enjoyment).
Name: Mary Organ 10th August 2012
Just thinking about Semolina. It is just so Yummy, Can it mend a broken heart?
Name: Jacob Jones 26th August 2012
I couldn't get Semolina at my local supermarker, so i replaced with powdered fish bone, was just a yummy. Will make again soon.
Name: MAR1 27th August 2012
I make semolina pud in the microwave! it takes just 8 mins for 1 pint of milk. I add dark cocoa powder and a little sugar. It does require stirring, but it is so quick and easy...
Name: Desi 8th October 2012
please can anyone tell me if it is served hod or cold? Semolina Pudding is traditionally served hot but is fine to eat cold, the texture will be firmer when cold. The Cookit Team.
Name: Linda 15th December 2012
we always had semolina for pudding at my gran's (where we went for summer holidays in the Scottish highlands) when I was a small child, and we had ours served in individual oval little brown dishes with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top ... over 60 years ago!!!
Name: Joyce 23rd December 2012
Just LOVE semolina. I'm using your recipe today as it's donkey's years since I've had it. I also love it cold:)
Name: Jakki Simmons 22nd January 2013
This can be made less calorific if you leave out the butter. I also use skim milk and sweetener. It is delicious hot or cold! (I always make double quantities and have it cold the following day.)
Name: Ian Laferme 13th February 2013
As a young boy in the war, they served it to us as a pudding topped with jam, at that time I can't say that I liked it, now i'm a lot older I like it a lot
Name: Joanna 27th March 2013
We often had a savoury version, Instead of sugar, grated cheese and a little mustard was added to bring out the flavour. it was one of my favourite meals. Delicious and worth a try!
Name: Jeanie D 19th April 2013
What a great tasty pudding. So easy to make. My two newfys love this as much as I do. They prefer it cold though. What a treat.
Name: Martin Dinoff 20th June 2013
Great with Jam sauce
Name: Jim Greenwood 28th August 2013
I am one of the kids ( not a kid any longer of course) that enjoyed Semolina Pudding at the school dinners during World War 2 in England. I absolutely loved it and was always first in line if there was any left over and the server offered 'seconds'.
Name: Kirstie 3rd September 2013
My grandmother used to make me this all the time when I was little :) . I believe it was only with sugar but it was my favourite thing and now I have just made it myself and I feel very happy indeed :)
Name: Jeremy Howard 2nd November 2013
Thanks for this information. Will be trying this recipe soon - from January 2014 I will be giving up meat (only), so I've recently been thinking of all the things I like so that I can come up with balanced, varied and enjoyable alternatives
Name: Sharah Hills 4th November 2013
I absolutely love this recipe it was amazing but why do you need to cook it so long?
Name: Susan Gradziel 17th November 2013
I love this recipe it really works ,so easy to do and really creamy and smooth.
Name: Ian 19th January 2014
loved it at school, one of only a few as I remember.
Will try this recipe tomorrow! :-)
Name: Jeff Mountjoy 13th March 2014
takes me back to school days i loved it then and love it now
Name: Jayne 17th April 2014
This recipe is superb, the pudding I made turned out exactly how I hoped it would. It was just how my mother made it, and she was a child during the war. I'm so glad you posted this. Thank you.
Name: Steve 26th July 2014
This is the third time I've made it, and it's as great as my mum made it, and she was a child during the war, I think a lot of people are missing out on good old fashion goodness, I love it :-)
Name: Indu 14th August 2014
this was my favourite pudding when i was a child. Mom used to make it on stove. today I made it using microwave. it was fine...
Name: Laura 23rd September 2014
Just made this for my kids and melted a spoon full of Nutella into the milk........fantastic, they loved it.
Name: Fiona 5th October 2014
I cover the bottom of the dish with jam before pouring the semolina in and putting it in the oven.
Name: Linzi 5th October 2014
Wow, thanks Laura the nutella was the perfect addition to a lovely pudding.
Name: Isla (eye-la) 8th October 2014
This is a beautiful dish, I absolutely love the delectable taste, best dessert in the world!
Name: Balsam 20th October 2014
Hi,thanks for this recipe,I added Nescafe and decorate with walnut.

Name: Balsam 22nd October 2014
Hi...successful recipe,thx
Name: Annie Worrall 12th November 2014
I'm hoping this turns out the way my granny made it-with a thick brown crust that my grampa and I would fight for.
Name: Jackie 28th January 2015
Lovely winter warmer. I added cardamom to the milk and a little corriander.After stirring in the semolina added chopped raisins. It was delicious
Name: Dori 3rd March 2015
Its many years since I made semolina pudding but as I remember the semolina was much coarser and bulkier. The semolina I bought was so fine almost like flour, I found that I had to use much more of the semolina to make the rich consistency I remember. are there different types that I can buy?.
Name: Tony Heath 28th March 2015
You would not have found chocolate-flavoured anything in those days.
Name: SundayMonday 2nd June 2015
I bought this unique custard from Tesco in UK once and it tasted heavenly. To my surprise it had nutmeg- I'm having trouble finding it again. Ty for the recipe. My favorite recipe used to be semolina with a pot of oil to melt it but the milk semolina... well it's nice to see other users.
Name: Ros 6th July 2015
Have enjoyed semolina for over 50 years, especially tasty with tinned peach slices. Another favourite, made the same way is Creamola
Name: Rowland Wateridge 13th August 2015
I remember chocolate-flavoured semolina, but I am sure that cocoa was used. 'Good chocolate' is for the modern recipe and was simply unknown during and after WW II. The nearest thing to milk chocolate then was 'blended chocolate'.
Name: Raul Saavedra 20th December 2015
Thanks much for this recipe! Made it without nutmeg, so as simple as possible, delicious treat! Couple of photos on my Instagram:
Name: Vanessa 6th March 2016
This recipe works well - and tastes great with a dollop of jam in the middle. Tried a microwave recipe which was a disaster.
Name: MariaElena Thomas 6th September 2016
My mother made this for my breakfast and put prunes in it delicious.I believe she cooked it on top of the stove.
Name: Joseph Penna 21st September 2016
I had semolina pudding during the War (wr ll). Was made with dried milk and stude apple I would gather crab apples from fields. All food was on ration Hard Times
Name: N 18th October 2016
Nice one, I've put too much nutmeg and it was a bit too strong so beware. Coconut oil instead of butter worked really well. Will try with cocoa next time. Thanks
Name: Alan 18th October 2016
Fair enough recipe but you are making life harder than it need be.
Follow the recipe until all the ingredients are in place and the mix is just simmering. Now add a table spoon -no more- of boiling water. The mix will thin dramatically and can now be safely stirred every 4 or so minutes. After 30 the semolina will thicken again and be cooked. This may seem a small point, but you will be amazed at how much can be done in those saved minutes.
Name: Bassey Asuquo 11th August 2017
Nice one i love to see more recipes thanks
Name: Cath Phillips 5th February 2018
My mother used to make this for pudding, and after the farola had thickened she used to add a beaten egg before baking in the oven. Im just going to make it for tonight!
Name: Jean Sutton 28th April 2018
What did I do wrong? Was so looking forward to the juicy brown skin...but it didn’t happen, although still delicious!
Name: Paul 24th August 2018
We used to have this with a spoonful of Demerara super mmmmmmm
Name: Simon 18th December 2018
Add an egg to the mix, then pour into two pans for baking. One to eat hot, the other allow to cool. Then refrigerate and eat cold, sliced with double cream.
Name: Junepatricia 7th February 2019
war time cocoa was used instead of chocolate..How much cocoa would you recommend

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