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Gingerbread ( Gingered bread) - Comments


Name: Bethany 14th November 2009
this website helped me qite a bit with my history homework for school :-):-) !!!
Name: Maia 9th February 2010
I think this really helps you because it also teaches you diffrent food from diffrent countries!
Name: Jenny Shin 26th April 2010
This gingerbread was great! I love it~ But it was a little hard for me because I am a kid! It is true! I still love making it.I had fun time.
Name: Issy 9th June 2011
I really like gingerbread and i found it quite easy to make... this should do well in my history assessment:)
Name: Maze 7th February 2012
i have to make a world war 2 recipie so it was really good and easy and i good FULL MARKS !!!!!!! woop ! now im in the high group in history We are very glad the site was so useful. Well done on moving groups! The Cookit Team.
Name: Maze 20th February 2012
thank you cookit group
Name: Ezzy 14th October 2012
im doin this for my tudor hwk
Name: Esmay 16th October 2012
i did this for my hwk. lots of people liked it but it was abit spicy :) i loved it
thanxs cook it team, u really helped me!
Name: Thejmextrimest 30th October 2012
I am doing this for my homework! Do let us know how they turn out. The Cookit Team
Name: Elliot 3rd February 2013
It was very good. I used it for my Tudor homework. It worked very well.
Name: Bradley 15th May 2013
Name: Makar 19th May 2013
Thank you for this recipe, I'm making it for my homework.
Name: Mimuil 6th December 2017
Easy to make for school project. Turned out bright red! Very odd texture!
Name: Hanna Lobacz 16th November 2018
i did not find this usefull as we dont have any white ground pepper
Name: Jacob Waters 25th October 2019
It was very spicy but fun to make for a history project.

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