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Potato Floddies - Comments


Name: Elizabeth 20th October 2009
I am going to try this recipe, as my daughter is doing rationing in ww2 at school, and they were asked to try something from this period. I think this will be easy. Let you know the results later.
Name: Geo 24th January 2010
i think it is very very very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Katie 8th May 2010
Very easy and simple to follow.
Really yummy
Name: Lewis 11th May 2010
I loved these, especially with a bit of onion added to the mixture
Name: Oscar 11th August 2010
I liked them but I thought they could do with a bit more flavour.
Name: N Matthews 17th August 2010
mother made them when we where kids in the 50-60 she added an egg to help bind the floddie
Name: Rosie 17th August 2010
I like these but it was a little bit too nice and i eat all on the plate.
Name: LYN 22nd September 2010
My grandma showed me how to make these when I was younger although she put egg in to bind it and also grated an onion into it,and she called them tattie chads but basically the same, i still make it today for my children and they love them a bit too much.
Name: Wessie 26th September 2010
i thought it was really nice but needs more flavour.
Name: Pri 19th November 2010
Great recipe used it for my WW2 project delicious 2!
Name: Jacky 24th November 2010
Tried it out - the kids loved it. Add a bit of onion in and its perfect!
Name: Katie 26th November 2010
loved it :)
Name: Abbie 10th February 2011
realy simple nice taste !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Heather 11th March 2011
These are one of my favourite things! Try adding cheese to the mixture, that's how I have always had them.
Name: Amy And Charlotte 5th April 2011
We are making them for school at the moment  keep you posted BTW we are making muffins after. Just saying.
Name: Josh 7th June 2011
i love it
Name: Rrrrrrr 11th June 2011
great ol' wartime recipe
Name: Warwick George 27th June 2011
Its so special , i cooked it for my class!
Name: Raven 26th September 2011
love it
Name: Laisa 18th October 2011
I hv 2 make 3 recipes for my class this is definatly gonna b 1 lol :P !!! I
Name: Imogen 10th December 2011
They are good with one of the potatoes swapped for a carrot too. That's how my gran still makes them.
Name: Jack 19th January 2012
they tasted like soggy chips but I liked them
Name: Jolyon 19th January 2012
I like them but they were better with ketchup even though they probably wouldn't have had it during the war
Name: Harriet 19th January 2012
my granny came into school to help us cook them and I loved them. Thank you for your comments, we are always keen to hear what people think. The Cookit Team.
Name: Charlie 19th January 2012
I liked them they were but they were better with jam
Name: Rachel 19th January 2012
I enjoyed making them but I wasn't so keen when I ate them
Name: Charlie 19th January 2012
I liked them but they were better with ketchup-I would give them an 8 out of 10
Name: Zoe 19th January 2012
i am going to try the floddies and see how they turn out :)
Name: Harriet 28th January 2012
loved them
Name: Gracie 2nd March 2012
love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ellie 17th May 2012
i think they were delic
Name: Raju 28th July 2012
I had this at school and it was delish
Name: Jamie 18th November 2012
My grand mother always makes them for me, and they're gorgeous! Great recipe
Name: Richard 18th November 2012
My grandmother makes these for me now, and they're delicious! A simple and tasty supper to make
Name: Abbie 23rd November 2012
to cook it

I thought they were delicious yum yum i am only 5 years to me they tasted like chips
Name: Ali 15th February 2013
I really like it
Name: Jak 13th March 2013
Just made these with my mum for my ww2 homework. They were so nice we ate them all! We are going to make them again and next time try adding bacon and onion too yum!
Name: Nath 26th June 2013
Doin this for ww2 homework.hope it works out fingers crossed
Name: Alfie Cijoy 7th October 2013
i am going to talk about this recipe in my class next week
Name: Darcey 24th October 2013
Wow made them for ww2 homework and now I have them for dinner my family loves them!
Name: Simon Howes 1st November 2013
A small onion grated in is delicious! I don't bother with water but add an egg or two.
Name: Daniel 2nd December 2013
no use at all as the amounts are too much for rationing
Name: Jack 13th December 2013
They are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! cough cough not
Name: Mo 12th April 2015
Name: Les Edwards 30th August 2015
I was shown how to make Potato Floddies at school in boys cookery lesson. Ingredients as above but, Plain Flour, no water, Salt. Mould into Rissole shape about half inch thick, fry in a little cooking fat, both sides until brown --eat while hot. A tasty cheap snack !!
Name: Tim 17th March 2016
they taste like chicken nuggets
Name: Jessica 24th April 2016
It was sooo good, though they make you very thirsty.
Name: Bryan 14th October 2016
It is the best thing i tried with potato
Name: Ellie 21st November 2016
looks sooooooooooooooooo good . can't wait to try it .
Name: Littleowl 13th February 2017
Great for ww2 homework!!!
Name: Lollipop Layla 6th March 2017
i tried it for my home work and it was delicous
Name: Lollipop Layla 6th March 2017
best dish ever mostly like pancakes
Name: Cupcakequeen 27th January 2018
really helped with my homework
Name: Andrew 18th February 2018
My dad used to make these, I'm sure he put some onion in there to. He would have grown up during the war.
Name: DabOnDaHaterz 3rd May 2018
Dis is a wewy gwood mweal i wlike it wery wmuch
Name: Unicorns Are Awesome 30th September 2018
Hi this receptive was so useful for my homework’s

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