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Lemon Curd - Comments


Name: Skye 6th July 2011
i think its really really great stuff !!!!!!!
Name: Trudy 18th September 2011
Great article, thank you again for writing.
Name: Josineia 20th February 2012
I love how light and fflfuy your frosting looks - beautiful work on your cake! I also had the same issue with the slipping layers, and it made frosting the cake quite the challenge.
Name: P2m 28th September 2012
I try it an it was lovely.
Name: Olivia 26th August 2014
great recipe so easy to follow i made it in 12 minuits i sugest using this recipe.
Name: Shauna 20th October 2015
yum yum
Name: Sky 9th October 2016
Lovely on toast!!
Name: Patricia Barrett 8th December 2016
Didn't go very far for the amount of ingredients ,I only filled three 300 gram jam jars ,taste was a bit bland compaired with marmalade I make
Name: Connor 31st December 2016
This is brill
Name: Julie Markey 18th June 2019
Made this for the first time, with my step grandson a few weeks ago, as part of his homework. Turned out great. So decided to do another batch, tastes even better 2nd time round.
Looking forward to using some in my daughters baby shower cake! Yum!
Name: Mrs Bartlett 2nd December 2019
I made this recipe last week and It tasted wonderful I would recommend it thoroughly.

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