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Victoria Sponge Cake - Comments


Name: Elinor Murray 18th January 2010
This is the best Victoria Sponge cake i have ever made!!! (Especially with whipped cream in the middle along with strawberry jam - mmmmm!
Name: Splotto 25th October 2011
Works perfect, best spounge ever. Congratulations
Name: Kanen 30th October 2011
That was YuMMy! I tasted lots of your food and i totally love it!
Name: Sophie 1st February 2012
Loved it nom nom
Name: Shari 19th February 2012
This cake looks great, love the crtius flavor, and nice with the orange liqueur...and the texture is amazing.
Name: Kirah 15th March 2012
very nice but would of rather had cream in it as well
Name: Princess 24th May 2012
It is so nice yummi
Name: Emi 14th June 2012
loved it way to much
Name: David 14th January 2013
This is a good recipe, but it isn't a sponge cake. Sponge cakes have folded whipped egg whites in the batter, and rely on the meringue to leaven the cake. This is a butter cake or pound cake.

Is there any historical reason why this particular recipe would be named a "sponge" when it is not a sponge cake?

Also, Kirah, cream does not bake well.
Name: Victoria Alexandria 18th January 2013
It's sooooo nice! best of all my names victoria!
Name: Ethan Hamid 13th May 2013
very nice dish made it for the family
Name: GrannyS 14th May 2013
Assuming by his comments that David is not British? This is a Victoria Sandwich cake (so I suppose not technically a sponge) and the cream goes in between the baked layers and not actually cooked!! ps Love the recipes on here!
Name: Alex 31st October 2013
best cake on earth. ( after three trys) im terrible at cooking :(
Name: Sophia 28th April 2014
this is a amazing website
Name: Mark Main 14th May 2014
wartime recipes did NOT have sugar (Sugar was rationed in wartime but was sometimes saved up for special treats or events. However this recipe is in Victorians not WW2 - The Cookit Team)
Name: Amelia 3rd November 2014
I hope that it will help because it's for a project for school and I'm really worried plc reply :/
Name: Ange Chapman 16th September 2015
I really liked it because it helped my daughter with her school homework
Name: Daisy 5th November 2015
it has to have cream too you know
Name: Bella 24th November 2015
I really enjoyed this recipe and it helped me with my home work. It encouraged me to have a go too!
Name: Laila 11th January 2016
Great recipe, my children really enjoyed it!
Name: Hailey 16th February 2016
I like it
Name: Aksor.001.206 20th February 2016
Thank You For Showing Recipe... I hope I can make it soon! I LOVE CAKE!!!!!!!
Name: Me 6th December 2016
using for homework, realy great
Name: Ben 5th February 2017
I want to have it again. I love cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!.Best ever
Name: Hi 19th February 2017
I can make cake!!!!!!!!😍😍😍
Name: Kate 9th March 2017
i used this recipe for a school project and found it really helpful and inspiring to show a 9 year old that they can cookie they put there mind to it!
Name: Lolo 14th April 2017
Name: 12th June 2017
This Victoria Sponge Cake recipe is Very good, easy and fast!! I tried it for my guest. They loved it very much. Cake was very awesome and very delicious.Thanks for sharing good cake recipe.
Name: Jane Davidson 29th March 2018
Hi I made this sponge cake can use chocolate power in it for a change or dried fruit itrees was very good and thick sponge I will do one when my brother and his wife comes and stayed with me many thanks for that bye for now
Name: Lily 26th September 2018
the sponge cake is fast and easy! thank you from sharing fantastic and lovely recipes
Name: Challenge 2nd November 2018
The cake wasn't good but it was easy if you want to make it then do it because its ...
Name: Cookie 20th July 2019
I really liked this cake as it doesn't have butter cream in.

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