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Pottage - a vegetable soup - Comments


Name: Class 4 1st December 2009
Made this with my class today, thank you for an easy recipe to follow! The children really enjoyed the Pottage!
Name: Homework 31st January 2010
I had to do my own pottage recipe for my homework and this really helped. Even though the instructions were quite short they were easy to expand on and I could look other places for even more info! But if you were just cooking this recipe would be really easy and fun to make!
Name: Food Tech Homework 2nd February 2010
Thank you for this recipe! Our class had to write a recipe for pottage in old English and this really helped!
Name: PrettyPrincess413 7th February 2010
this helped me so much with my food technology homework
Name: Jenny 10th February 2010
OMG i had to write this in old english lol
This helped me with my history loads, I've told my friends about and they all copied my ideas...Grr! But still.
Name: Seojin 11th October 2010
love this
Name: Eurwen 23rd January 2011
my fav
Name: Pinky 22nd February 2011
This was nice.
Name: Cameron 9th March 2011
looks like a disgusting dish. Tastes really good though, why not try it? The Cookit Team
Name: Kieran 1st April 2011
Great Brilliant
Name: Leexiie 8th April 2011
Have to eat this all the time on re-enactments :) doesn't look very appetiseing but tastes very nice if you add herbs :)
Name: John Foss 4th December 2011
Potage to my mind conjures up a totally delicious but very simple leek and potato soup. The word potage, today at any rate, is French for soup.

I take two or three leeks, two or three potatoes, clean and boil them for about 25 to 30 minutes, i.e. until cooked, add salt and pepper and some garden herbs - eg. parsley and celery - but not too many as the flavours then take away from each other. Delicious on its own or as a base for whatever you have in mind! Put it in the blender and then add cream and/or tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, fish or meat and simmer the ingredients until ready! Eh voila!
John Foss
Name: Tabitha 17th February 2012
I tried making this for my History project about Medieval culinary, It was a great success and the soup was surprisingly tasty!!!!
I rate it:***** five star
Name: Djm 9th March 2012
Name: Danielle 27th November 2012
I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Michael Jones 18th January 2013
I've a few of these old recipes, and I must say that I find them to be much flavorful many modern
american recipes. These days, americans tend to eat too much red meat and pork. And a lot junk food also.
Name: Roxy 26th February 2013
Super good food and helped with my homework!!!
Name: Luke 3rd March 2013
That's my food tech homework done thx alot
Name: Billett 9th March 2013
Thank you ! I am creating this meal right now , outside on an open flame !!! I am going to add a bit of curry along with everything else..Nastrovia !
Name: Megss! 11th March 2013
i love this website! its very helpfull.
Name: Emelia 14th March 2013
Thats my food tech homework done too!
Name: Sam 8th July 2013
are all ingredients medieval? Yes, we have tried to make our History Cookbook recipes as accurate as we can. We are always happy to get comments that ask questions or suggest improvements. The Cookit Team
Name: Ashleigh 2nd August 2013
Name: Jade 28th September 2013
helped me with my history homework thanks!!!
Name: Susy 19th October 2013
This website is fantastic! The pottage looks very nice.
Name: Richard 31st October 2013
Some additional things: 50 ml vinegar, two beef or chicken stock cubes and curry powder to taste or hot chilli pepper. Soak lentils or soup grains or mixture and add. Dash of oil.
Name: Sophie Clifford 4th November 2013
this help me with my history homework and also made it at home its really nice
Name: Percy Thomson 7th December 2013
this website is wow read about pottage did not know what it was I add potatoes and chicken necks delicious
Name: Carl 8th April 2014
How much of the veg are called for? The recipe says "250g of each" and "a selection". There are nine listed, excluding garlic. Should we be including 2.25kg of vegetables?
Name: Annnnnnnonymous 20th April 2014
did people eat this in the french revolution or only people from Britain in the medieval times?
Name: Somethingother 6th May 2014
@carl The instructions said "selection" so you can select any of the vegetables from the list...
Name: Someone You Don't Know 1st June 2014
We just learned about this in school and i was wondering what pottage is… this helped! thank you
Name: Me 2nd July 2014
It was so helpful
Name: Random 4th August 2014
Helped heaps
Name: Steven 20th August 2014
This Recipe is incorrect - Carrots were not known in the orange form we know today, but were smaller and purple until the 16th century.

Green Beans were a new world vegetable.

The inclusion of peas would also make it more accurate.
Name: Jeremy Hunter 27th September 2014
Steve, as the recipe does not call for "orange carrots", but just "carrots", the recipe is not wrong. Your complaint is the demonstrative photo, which is of chopped vegetables that includes a carrot which, since the only carrots available nowadays are orange, was orange. If this is your complaint, maybe you would be better complaining at the fact this recipe is "wrong" because it includes a photo, cameras of course not existing in the mediaeval period.

In the mean time, going to try this tomorrow. Coming up to autumn and all that!
Name: Person 4th October 2014
Like many people I was wondering what pottage was 'cos of my history lesson about Tudor England (well, we were looking at the lately). Besides I had soup yesterday and I was thinking what kind of soup it was.
Name: Amber 16th November 2014
I am looking forward to trying this recipe. Does anybody know what I should avoid??
Name: Sup 27th January 2015
I cant wait to use this recipe
Name: Pri 19th March 2015
Sounds amazing!
Name: Marzipan 25th March 2015
This helped me so much!
Thanks for the recipe
Measurements weren't very useful though!
Name: Hi 4th June 2015
Name: Hello 12th June 2015
Totally useful! Helped me loads! :-) Using this in my homework on Tudors! On Google images, there's this really horrible picture of it, but this recipe makes it sound so delicous! Maybe I'll try it? Thx
Name: Steven 21st August 2015
this was gross! never eating it again! but my ferret enjoyed very much! (thumbs up)
Name: Judy Bladwin 28th August 2015
this was amazing! I give it to my kids after their soccer games cause im the snack mom every second week. but all my kids love it even though they throw up everytime
Name: Charlotte 30th October 2015
It was surprisingly nice! Though the rest of my peeps hated it!
Name: Tiger 27th November 2015
This dish is amaz
Name: Janaie 😎 20th December 2015
This pottage is really nice and I recommended it to three people in my family and the loved it as much as I did the all told other people to bake it as well so thank you cookit team x
Name: J-leigh 8th March 2016
Very nice
Name: TomD 1st April 2016
Pottage is a staple in our house! I make up 6 litres at a time and freeze it in 1 litre ziplocs, makes a lunch or light supper for two!
Traditionally pottages were made out of whatever was around, mine are no different!
Potato, celery, carrot, bean soupmix, spices! Try one if you never have, they are healthy and filling!
Name: Lillith G 27th April 2016
I LOVE pottage! It is super yummy ; )! It is splendid
Name: Lil' Bold 2nd May 2016
I used this is my Socials Class for a peasant feast we were making. SUPER HELPFUL!! I'm not a big chef, but this recipe was fun to make! Maybe next time make recipe steps longer? They were too short and more detail would have helped me a lot. :)
Name: The Toyzee 20th November 2016
Made it for school with my mum and it is very nice indeed... πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Name: Idk 21st March 2017
this was very nice
Name: Beth Tong 21st March 2017
I don't like pottage but this was quite a simple, quick and easy way to make it !
Name: Megan 21st March 2017
This recipe could have used more detail in the steps but it was still very useful :)
Name: BOB JONES 21st May 2017
I luuuuuuurrvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee POTTAGE!
Name: Tayla Fisher 31st May 2017
it was very easy to make which is really good
Name: Kayla 16th August 2017
It was GOOD!! you need to be more detailed in the steps though so it is more understanding
Name: Kayla 17th August 2017
how much of the herbs would be the best amount
Name: Kayla 18th August 2017
what is the best amount of herbs to use in this recipe
Name: Ella 23rd September 2017
I made it
Name: Valentino 4th November 2017
The oats added a texture i did not like. I feel letting it set and boiling off the water would have been better than oats to thicken it
Name: Barry 11th March 2018
Ewww we like in 2018 not 1329
Name: Gracie 24th April 2018
I am in middle school and I am participating in the Medieval Fair. Is this a good recipe?
Name: History Pilgrim 12th July 2018
After watching Tudor Monastery Farm and reading How To Be A Tudor, I finally looked up pottage recipes and found this one. (For all you commenters here who used this as reference for your homework and Medieval Fair activities, check out Tudor Monastery Farm on YouTube and then read how to be a Tudor - entertaining, detailed and fascinatingly educational.
Name: Pottage Boi 1st October 2018
mmm dat looks tasty
Name: HandyB 16th December 2018
This is a delicious and easy recipe - adding a bit of chicken or some butter, cannelini or borlotti beans to it makes it even more filling.
Name: Jeanne Woodford 25th May 2019
I'm amazed that vegetables weren't thought of as a regular part of a medieval diet. Very interesting article. Pottage came from a book I'm reading - THE SHIP BUILDERS DAUGHTER which must have required so much research. Author - Virginia Lofft.

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