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Gingerbread - Comments


Name: Sophie Miontues 21st October 2010
This was amazing my ginger bread men were fantastic,, Thankk youu!!
Name: Sophie Nina 23rd December 2010
my gingerbread men worked amazingly , just perfect for around the christmas time. They filled the house with the warming scent ... devine.
Name: Skip 14th January 2012
Well how about that.
Name: Kfir 20th February 2012
That's really thinknig out of the box. Thanks!
Name: Cook 8th October 2013
easy to cook, taste nice. recommend using golden syrup.
Name: Yummyliciousness 8th December 2014
This is really yummy! I would definitely recommend this! Maybe even make a house out of it, if it's strong and thick enough! (Normally it would be about the thickness of two pound coins to hold the weight)
Comment if it works! Would love to try!

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