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Lemon and Barley Water - Comments


Name: Janesa 13th January 2012
Please keep throwing these posts up they help tons.
Name: Ian 11th October 2012
metric measures are incorrect should be 75g. <i> Thanks, we have checked the conversions and adjusted- we have taken 1 oz to be approx. 28g which most tables agree on, so 3oz is 85g not 150g as the recipe stated before. The Cookit Team </i>
Name: Donadela Food Chemist 24th November 2012
I suggest only organic lemon be used, as the peel is coated with pesticides and shellac which will leach onto the barley water. Also, you may want to add the lemon juice when the drink is cool, as heat makes it start to get a bitter, cooked taste. The peel needs the heat to help extract the essential oils.
Name: Tiffie 1st July 2015
thanks for the helpful comments
Name: Steve 12th February 2016
Thank you so much it was very good I used barley it from the farm as I used it for bread and beer making just wash well normal price for 25 kg bag is 5- euro lot cheaper than pearl barley best wishes Steve,
Name: Patricia Higgins 3rd August 2016
It's a good idea to use organic untaxed lemons. I add the lemon juice but only from 1 lemon to add flavour. My Victorian grandmother made this all the time as well as orange barley water, for that just substitute oranges for the lemons.
Name: Patricia Higgins 3rd August 2016
I meant to say unwaxed lemons, hate predictive text!
Name: Pippa 12th November 2016
I made this and the caraway seeds cake for a Victorian project at school
Name: Harry 14th December 2016
A really strong aftertaste
Name: Devon 2nd March 2017
Name: Victoria 7th February 2019
I did this in a school project and did so well tastes really nice.
Name: Matteo 8th February 2019
I agree with Devon wholeheartedly, I put my grandma's ashes in a lemon barley water when she died, best drink I ever had.

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