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Tiger Nut Sweets - Comments


Name: Martha Henchik 12th November 2009
I was making this with my daughter for an Egyptian Project, and to our horror, we forgot to take the seeds out of the dates. Do you think that you could state somewhere that if you do not have seedless dates, that you need to get rid of the seeds. We did not cut the dates, we used a (soon to be very sticky) food processer. Thank you for the recipie though. It was very helpful and full of information. Thanks!

(We have added this to the recipe, thanks for the comment - the Cookit team)
Name: Ambar Navarrete 22nd November 2009
I was wondering what are dates because I'm cooking this for my egyptian project.
(Hi Amber we will be putting up a whole section explaining about different foods shortly. In the meantime here is a link to the section about dates: The Cookit Team.)
Name: Amanda Smith 24th February 2010
Thanks for the great food recipe. I've been looking all over the internet and i come to this site and find something easy to make and it also taste yummy!!!
Name: Katie Baker 14th October 2010
These look great. I can't wait to make them and give them as gifts at Christmas.
Name: Tasha Segneway 11th November 2010
I think these look AMAZING!!! i cant wait to try them out for me and barbara's egyptian project
Name: Heavenlee 16th December 2010
tiger nut sweets are the best oldest candy that i have ever tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Shayla Murray 28th August 2011
Tiger nut sweets are an ancient eygptian lollie and i made them for my school assigment and they sounded growse but i tried it anyway and i thought they were delicious and cheap.
Name: Charlotte 26th October 2011
These were amazing! I used them for a school project and they turned out great! Because of nut allergies, I just let everyone try a date and had the tiger nut sweets on display. Thanks!!! :)
Name: Teya 6th December 2011
these sound awesome! I think i might use them for a project.
Name: Ale 8th December 2011
cool and yummy
Name: Tom 8th December 2011
Name: Abbys 8th December 2011
Name: Mr C 8th December 2011
lovely i used them for my job interview and i passed as top chef.i now cook them every weekend and family love them.i think they are better with more nuts.
Name: Yasemin 28th December 2011
it was very very very very yummy my children loved was a bit sweet.once i had no desert so i haft to make it. was the only ingredients i had.thanks it was lovey and nice
Name: Yasemin 24th January 2012
It was very sweet .I cook them every day

my chirdren love them.i used them for the THE TOP CHEF thanks!

Name: Lovely Recipe 18th April 2012
I believe that this recipe originated in Egypt. It was written on a clay bowl and I think only the wealthy ate them because the recipe requires cinnamon, which was not a common spice.
Name: Sam 4th May 2012
Name: Bridgette Mcdonald 13th May 2012
okay.... you will not like them if you hate dates
Name: Shirley 21st June 2012
I had to make it for a school project and it was delicious!
Name: Rachel 28th November 2012
I had to do a project on Ancient Egyptians and when I brought them everyone LOVED them.
Name: Langston 28th February 2013
Can you swap raisins for dates? This would be tricky, you would need to make a kind of puree with the raisins to get them to stick together. Technically you could but you would have to experiment to get it to work.
Name: Jonay 22nd May 2013
TYVM you've solved all my problems
Name: Anya Jones 29th September 2013
How many sweets does this recipe make? It makes about 14 sweets. The Cookit Team
Name: Anya Jones 21st October 2013
I made these sweets for my class and they are brilliant!I do suggest though if you make these you put them in little cake cup cake cases because the honey somtimes soaked through the almonds and I had to give them another coating of almonds.
Name: Jeff 15th December 2013
can they b made for 16
Name: Asa 3rd January 2014
I recommend these sweets to any ages.
They are not to sweet and are reasonably healthy.
Most sweets aren't as good as these and are very high in nutrition.
Name: Annie Gunniglie 26th March 2015
Do these need to be refrigerated?
Name: Emily 4th June 2015
they need to be in the fridge overnight and then the next day they are ready to eat
Name: Jess 22nd October 2015
is it possible to have it without walnuts because someone in my class is has high allergies to any nut.
Name: Jamie 26th October 2015
They are delicious!My whole family loved them and devoured the entire plate in a matter of about 5 minutes!
Name: Karen 8th January 2016
What is the equivalent of 'one small jar of runny hunny'? Not everyone lives where you can whip unique products off the shelf.......... Frustrated.
Name: Mary 20th May 2016
We've made this snack for years now. It's a family favorite. We are not really walnut fans, so I substitute ground pistachios for the walnuts, and I love the way it tastes :)
Name: Bella 11th June 2016
i made them with my school and when i took my first bite i was like a dream never ending i adored them
Name: Laura 9th July 2016
That looks yuck
Name: Vrfuehdehchr 12th October 2016
Amazing even though I never ate them
Name: Wbwfakefake 15th February 2018
Laura, I do not know what you are talking about, they look amazing!

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