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Honey Cake - Comments


Name: Abi 6th July 2010
Name: Hattie 14th July 2010
I hav'nt tried this particular recipe but it sounds disgusting. We were doing WWII for a play and I had to make food. I found a different one and it doesn't use eggs (which were rationed and you could only get 1 fresh one a week) and doesnt take long to cook. I cooked them for 10 mins and about 5 when I gave them out. They actually taste ok.
Name: Molly 14th July 2010
This recipe wasnt actually that nice but it WASNT raw. I cooked it for a bit longer and it was allright but not great.
Name: Ana 25th August 2010
I am 11, (turned 3 wks ago :) ) and I HAD a recipie for this at school, becuase tomorrow is our medieval day. I forgot to take the recipie home, so im using this. I reaqlly hope it tastes OK

wish me luck. (edited)
Name: Katie 9th January 2011
i have to do a project at high school and i need it to be roman so i liked the lokk at this one and it tastes really sweet
luv Kt
Name: Isabella 20th June 2011
nice recipe i am defeintly going to cook this
Name: Kamil 30th April 2012
I am so trying this l.o.l !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Looby Lou :) 22nd September 2012
Just Wondering, As I Would Like To Make This Recipe, Does It Have To Be Spelt Flour, Or Can It Be Any Flour? Thanks! LL :) xx
Name: Chelsea101 20th October 2012
Very tasty recipe wondering as well whether it can be normal flour. Yes you can use normal plain flour, we used spelt for authenticity! The Cookit Team.
Name: BETHANY 21st October 2012
I Am making this recipe for my project at school so i hope it is nice and if not i will be sad :( :( (wish me luck
Name: Lily Mae 13th February 2013
I need to do this recipe for home work we have out it in the oven hope it tastes nice does it
Name: Daisy Norton 4th May 2013
My brother and I made this recipe because we are reading about the Romans. It was delicious! We are making it again because our Daddy liked it which is unusual because our Daddy doesn't have a very sweet tooth! Our first go, and it turned out ok, but we think you should use baking paper.
Name: Daisy Norton 15th May 2013
Second time successful! I shall recommend this recipe to friends. Thank you! I shall use this recipe. I love it.
Name: Hunh 19th September 2013
good recipe
Name: Casey 5th November 2013
very good recipe and I will show it to all of my friends.
Name: Ashia Majid 24th January 2014
Try to make this better and decorate the inside!!!!!!!!
Name: GRACE 22nd April 2014
Can you please change the grams into cup measurements.?
Name: Hannah 29th April 2014
we are about to try out this recipe and we are very excited! it sounds yummy! Wish us luck
Name: Jody 4th July 2014
While cooking mine seemed to create a hole in the middle. All rose quite high then when out of the oven flopped flat like a pancake. Is this normal?
Name: Rachel 7th October 2014
Thank you so much im gonna make this for my gifted project
Name: Rachel 7th October 2014
Thank you so much im gonna make this for my gifted project
Name: Scarlett P 10th November 2014
I am going to make honey cake
Name: Messi 1st December 2014
It's amazing!!!!!
Name: Alfie 12th October 2015
Brill man!
Name: JAHZIA 23rd November 2015
im making this for a school project
Name: E.n 24th January 2016
I'm about to try this for a project in latin, learning about roman britan
Name: XxxXXXSTR8KILLER420XXXxxx 1st March 2016
Name: Annabel 24th April 2016
I loved it so much that I reccomended to all of my friends!
Name: Hannah 31st May 2016
It tasted really nice
I'm gonna do another recipe
Name: Someone 4th July 2016
it was lovely thank u
Name: Amna 16th July 2016
at school we made this and it is delicious
Name: Avery Koelling 1st May 2017
I had to make this for a school project and it was very good and sweet.
Name: Mrs Linda Dale 1st October 2017
Not like any honey cake I have ever seen. The ratio of flour 50g to the eggs and honey to my mind is not enough. Was this a misprint? No raising agent so came out more like a brownie have wasted almost a whole jar of honey will not be using this recipe again 😭
Name: Penny Johnson 31st October 2017
This is an ancient Roman recipe for honey cake, researched by an expert on ancient Roman cookery, for the History Cookbook. The Romans did like very sweet things! Today we would certainly normally add more flour, etc Mrs. Dale as you said, but this is how they made it 2000 years ago.
Name: Alexus M. 13th April 2018
I have to do it for a school progect
My partner and I have not tried to do it yet.
I hope I'm not disappointed
Name: Maisy Smith 2nd October 2018
This recipe was awesome my daughter tried it for her school project she got an A* I am so proud to be her mother.
Name: Alice 15th February 2019
is this cake meant to be soft and sticky inside
Name: C H 16th September 2019
I helped my son make this recipe for a school homework project.
I would recommend using an electric whisk to beat the eggs.
We used two circular cake tins and made two quite flat cakes. They had a light texture and the children loved them!
Name: The Kernel 17th September 2019
Haven't tried it yet. looks good. Doing this for a school project of foods from different time periods.

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