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Easy Cheese - Comments


Name: Blobby 7th July 2010
hi... this recipie really helped me as i needed to know how to make medieval cheese for a history project at school. thanks
Name: Nan 10th November 2010

Please let everyone know that the milk should be raw unpasteurized milk not treated milk the bacteria that makes the milk turn is not safe if the milk has been treated. You can boil the milk let it cool and then add vinegar, lemon juice or any other safe culinary acid.

Nan, thank you for your comment, the recipe has been amended to clarify. The Cookit Team

Name: Sharrie 15th July 2013
So if I use pasteurized milk and boil it it is still not safe. You confused me. If you have unpasteurised milk the natural bacteria turns the milk fast and 'bad' bacteria should not have built up. We added the boil and add lemon method as it is safe and in the UK pasteurised milk is what is readily available. It is possible to use method 1- the leave to turn method but we were advised that this might not be safe, hence giving you two methods. Is that any clearer? The Cookit Team.
Name: Abi Jagoe 14th September 2013
Thank you very much
Name: Miriam 24th April 2015
The difference between the 2 kinds of milk is that it's only the unpasturized milk that turns sour by good bacteria. Pasturized milk has been heated so the good bacteria is dead. If you leave pasturized milk on the counter, it just goes bad.
Name: Anthony Lang 28th April 2016
These are "real cheese", just not ones that we are accustomed to in these modern times.
The first is a "Lactic" cheese, which uses the formation of Latin acids from the natural bacteria to curdle the milk.
The second is a "heat and acid" curdled cheese, which can be found in writings well back in the BCE times, in many different cultures.
These are fresh cheeses, which were made to be eaten soon, and can be used in a variety of dishes.
Also, many cheeses did not use rennet as a coagulant, and there are other coagulation methods that use plants instead of the animal based rennet.
Name: Friederike 8th December 2016
Fir the second method, why do you need to boil the milk first when you cool it down before adding the lemon juice? What temperature should it be when adding the lemon juice?
Name: Jaysee 10th March 2017
This is a lovey fresh cheese. Whateveryou do, don't throw the whey out. It can be used in cooking or you can drink it, add it to smoothies, pour it over your porridge - all sorts of things, It's very good for you
Name: Margaret 16th July 2018
What else besides rennett can i use?

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