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Boiled Duck with Onion Sauce - Comments


Name: Thalia 7th November 2010
i like the look of it
Name: Jade 23rd November 2010
i think that duck looks nice but i dont like the look of the rest of the dish
Name: Shannon 23rd November 2010
i think it looks horrible and yucky
Name: Morgan 23rd November 2010
i would like to eat the duck but everything else is disgusting!
Name: Larry 9th March 2011
I like the recipe, it is something that is different, and that is what makes a good chef. Try new cuisine!
Name: Andrea 11th August 2011
i accidentally picked duck in market instead of chicken and this is my first time to cook duck and to eat duck. i am hoping that my boyfriend will like it.
Name: Dipjyoti Konwar 4th November 2011
this is a good recipe if not the best.. I wil try this today
Name: Gary 2nd November 2012
I am a Renaissance re- enactor and I am going to make this for our group as a period meal.
Name: Tera Garcia 29th November 2012
The sauce sounds good but I just let the onions get soft and didn't let the milk get cured and then put the onions in a blender with the cloves and a little of the milk blended it and mixed it back with the rest of the sauce In pan and when duck got done just drained the water from it and poured the sauce over the duck.
Name: Jamie-Lee Houston 16th December 2012
i am a duck and am offended by cooking me
Name: Jann Keightley 30th July 2018
I put it in pastry. It was fantastic!

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