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Dried Apples - Comments


Name: Lobo 15th September 2010
need 4 more recipes.
but very good to use
Name: Siouxan Dawson 24th September 2010
Love the historical connections
Name: Xanni 10th May 2011
Name: Angela Boyce 26th July 2011
Please either omit the honey from this recipe or do not say it is vegan as vegans do not eat honey. Maple syrup would be a good substitute. Thanks for your message. We have relabeled the recipe and added your suggestion. The Cookit Team.
Name: Katie 20th February 2012
how long do home made dried apples last without spoiling?
Name: John Kahrfors 22nd February 2012
EXCELLENT RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing website, coming back all the time, could you please give me a mention??
Name: Laurna Helem 22nd February 2012
GREAT!!! great for history projects
Name: Jessie 25th February 2012
is brill it is amazing
Name: Lexi Halliwell 25th November 2012
this recipie is great
it came in really handy for my history assingment : )
Name: Rebecca Hammett 2nd December 2012
Yum - a nice easy to follow recipe and delicious apples! We enjoyed preparing these.
Name: Koni Wyatt 23rd October 2014
this is a great recipe for tudor projects
Name: Chizoba 27th February 2016
My teacher gave me a A+

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