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Nettle soup - Comments


Name: Carrie 18th June 2010
My son is 12 and hes said he WILL try it one day as everything should be tried once unless its illegal or dangerous...maybe i'll try it when he does, i imagine it being a little like rocket or spinach
Name: Mrs Brady Old Lady 10th July 2011
We did this soup in cookery class in secondary school (which for me was last century, not the prehistory ha ha) and I remember it was quite delicious! Have been wanting to make it myself.
Name: Destrie 13th January 2012
Created the greatest articles, you have.
Name: Joseph Burke 27th April 2016
If you're using stinging nettles for cooking, you're using the wrong kind. There is a variety of nettle that has few or no stingers on them. That is the one you want to use. You can buy seed for that variety from some seed catalogs and grow your own. I wouldn't be too eager to harvest wild nettles, then you most probably will get stung.
Name: Emma Sadeghi 20th August 2017
We use wild stinging nettles (picked with gloves!) for soup all the time. Cheap, easy, healthy and delicious - one of my kids' favourite meals! Looking forward to trying this to show them an historical version of something so familiar.
Name: Summer Dugar 4th October 2017
I rather liked this meal. A little ummmmm... what do they call it crunchy for a soup buuuut is good. 😊

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