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Woolton Pie - Recipe 2 (With potato topping) - Comments


Name: Singergirl 9th February 2010
I'm in year 8 (8TH GRADE IN AMERICA)
i've cooked this for my history project!! and instead of 'vegatble extract' (martmite) i put in vegatble stock powder in instead >:)
Name: Meg 26th April 2010
hi i am 11 years old and i am in 6th class and i made this dish for friends that has a veggy daughter and i think it is really easly to cook and it went down really well!!!
Name: Imogen 15th October 2010
hi im in yr 6 and i have to do about ww2 so I hope this recipe???:):):):):)
Name: Jess 16th November 2010
Im in yr6 and i have to cook aswell as write the recipe in my homework book. so im hoping that this recipe will be tasty! but if not will say. :)
Name: Jessicasprinkerler 16th November 2010
hoping this recipe is good otherwise ill get told off as this is for homework and also have to cook it! :o
Name: Jess 25th November 2010
Hello, this recipe went down well all love it :)
Name: Jamie 14th February 2011
its soo tasty yummmmy :)
Name: Aimee 15th February 2011
im in yr 7 an i have a food project to compare ww2 foods wth nowqaday im doing this and cottage pie:)
Name: Emmy 28th March 2011
so cool. i am using this recipe at school
Name: Mr Shadow 30th June 2011
best ever
Name: Joel 30th June 2011
im doing this at school!
Name: Anthony Hooper 88 5th October 2011
am doing this at skool
Name: Ailsa 6th November 2011
I'm gonna use this recipe 4 homework we're doing world war 2. I don't C Y people thought it was a step 2 far, I think it looks nice. I'm gonna make it 2 find out!
Name: Sonic445 21st October 2012
i am doing a project for skool:)
Name: Caitlin 14th March 2013
done this for a prodject and it was rly good i took it into school for the class to try and got rly good comments
Name: Nathaniel Edwards 20th March 2013
I am making it at school
Name: Fin😱😱😱 21st October 2016
Doing this for school home work looks all rite but going to try it πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
Name: Nathan Wong 11th July 2017
I am doing this for my last project at primary school hope it works out!
Name: Eddy Dumoulin 12th July 2017
Most important: do NOT peel the potatoes "as the very sight of peelings, deeply hurts Lord Woolton's feelings!"
Name: Amy 20th March 2018
I am Year 8 and doing a project on Rationing in history, and I will probably use this recipe. We made Woolton Pie at primary, but I am pretty sure the recipe we did then had a sort of cake on top, made with potatoes and flour, it was DISGUSTING and tasted like school pudding so this looks much much better!
Name: Jeff 6th February 2019

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