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Reconstituted Egg on Toast - Comments


Name: Karen 22nd November 2009
I went to camp back in the early 70's and we were unlucky enough to be served powdered eggs. They were listed on the menu as powdered eggs. We asked what was that and received an explanation about how they were used in wwii. They were just awful, something I hope I never have to have again. yuk.
Name: Barbara 23rd April 2010
I thought this was the most disguisting thing I've ever tasted. If anyone ever considers eating this, I'd tell them to think again
Name: Barbara 14th May 2010
My advice is DO NOT TRY THIS!!You can not get the taste out of your mouth
Name: Tony Sleep 24th May 2010
I grew up with several large tins of powdered eggs on a shelf in the larder. Dried eggs were viewed as inedible by my mum and dad, and hunger was preferable. I was told they were too disgusting to eat. But they didn't get thrown away, just in case. Eventually they discreetly disappeared during a house move in 1955.
Name: Moly 4th October 2010
This realy doesn't tast nice
Name: Zahraa 30th October 2010
Name: James 22nd March 2011
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I'd leave the powdered eggs at the back of the cupboard. Overall: Yuck!! When we interviewed people about wartime food powdered eggs came up time and again as being nothing like as nice as real egg. However when there were serious shortages, powdered egg was a valuable standby.The Cookit Team
Name: Sally 15th June 2011
Name: Boo 30th June 2011
Name: Grace 9th July 2011
It was disgusting. I really feel sorry for WW2 people now, not just because of the war - but because of the food too!
Name: Alan M 17th August 2011
Um, this was really food? The photo is fantastic, it looks like something Wiley E. Coyote would buy from Acme!
Name: Ellie 30th January 2012
thanks im doing world war two for my topic and it was to find recipies of ww2 food and this will do perfectly fine
Name: Jacob 8th May 2012
I feel like toy snakes will spring out if I tried to open that can there
Name: Fred 15th October 2012
uurgh yuck mingin recipe !
Name: Grace 28th October 2012
This is just what i needed for my topic at school!
Name: Macy 21st November 2012
My grandfather used to eat this...said it was disgusting!
Name: Liv 28th February 2013
This really helped me with my project
Name: Olivia 28th February 2013
This really helped me with my project What did you do? The Cookit Team.
Name: KimG 10th May 2013
Actually-today in America you can get powered eggs (for camping) and they are not bad. So maybe the process for drying eggs has gotten better.
Name: Harry 19th June 2013
look bad
Name: Chloe Thomas 14th January 2014
Doesn't look very intreaving
Name: Gyre 14th September 2014
Name: Civil War Cook 27th September 2014
starving on a winter day I would welcome it but if I had the chose NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Name: Daniel Heyes 23rd November 2014
Yuk! I would never eat that!
Name: D Akeroyd 16th December 2014
i loved it, as a child during the war.
Name: Heyyyyyyybrotherrrrrrr 13th April 2015
this is the most bizarre thing ever and it is the most disgusting
Name: Ellie 29th April 2015
love it i want to try it
Name: Foodlover123 27th October 2015
Name: Adam 1st November 2015
I wish it were easier to find powdered egg. I'm not old enough to remember how it slipped from common use but I suppose it came as the supply of fresh eggs became reliable, and refrigeration appeared.

I remember being able to buy it in Boots in the 90s it's no longer around as far as I know.

Why do I want it? Simply because occasionally its handy to have a backup if there are no eggs to be had. I remember making scrambled egg from the mix I got in Boots and while it wouldn't win any prizes it wasn't inedible or anything. In a cake or pastry I doubt it would matter at all and I expect a number of commercial products still use it.
Name: LB 9th December 2015
I was told the British Army used this type of recipe in World War 2 with the addition of "X" number of fresh eggs to "X" amount of powder. The eggs were used with the shells smashed up, giving the soldiers, finding pieces of eggshell in the food, the impression that the whole thing had been made from fresh eggs!
Name: Adi 13th December 2015
in the 50's when there was a shortage of eggs, my mother use to make delicious omelettes from egg powder. i wish i knew where to get this powder today and reconstruct the taste...
Name: Jake 22nd April 2016
cool wow
Name: Lillz 4th July 2016
Name: Abi 10th November 2016
Bleeeerrrggghhh! That was gross! Never eat that :'(
Name: Jeff 21st March 2017
its delicous ive tried
Name: Red 28th March 2017
Ahhhh just like the Mess Sergeant used to make... ;-)
Name: Jefffff 12th May 2017
Looks reeeeeal good
Name: THEDUDE 14th May 2017
Name: Brayden 24th February 2018
Name: Mary 4th February 2019
I've tried it, they're delicious
Name: Flibbitty Jibbider 5th March 2019
not as bad as i thought, not delicious or anything, but they are nice

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