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Carrot Roll - Comments


Name: Barbara 14th May 2010
Name: Emily And Ellie 11th October 2010
that is grose but it helps with school work on our topic !!
Name: Jack 10th December 2010
Very easy to make! It really helped when I had to make a WW2 recipe for school.
Name: Lucy 14th February 2011
easy helped me will homework for ww2
Name: Katie 6th May 2011
It was great i love carrots
Name: Emily 2nd October 2011
this was great and really helped me with my ww2 homework n
Name: Samuel 1st December 2011
Helped With Homework
Name: Angel 9th May 2012
how do i change this to serve 30 kids at my school just to taste though The recipe serves 4 as a main course. We made 3 rolls and cut each into 10 slices and this worked well for a whole class, you could probably get away with two rolls if you made the pieces very small. It doesn't take longer because you can cook all three at the same time. We hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Adam 17th September 2012
thanks a good taste and help with ww2 homework too
Name: Emily 9th November 2012
A very helpful site for my homework and gave me a great idea of recpies during the war. Also amazing methods and instructions how to make them !! Thanks x
Name: Bob 13th November 2012
Name: Paul 13th November 2012
It helped me with my homework on world war two hopefully my gran will make it some time so i can try it . It looks so easy and healthy but the fat it dose not need. It looks like a sausage roll.
Name: Chiara 23rd March 2013
My mum says its fiddily but I say it looks good!
Name: Bug 10th April 2013
it helped with my homework and it tasted great
Name: Imogen 14th December 2013
it was disgusting i can't believe i actually made that!
Name: Sophie S 26th January 2016
i loved it , helped with homwork
Name: Harrylewis 8th June 2016
So cheap but not good
Name: Ciaran Eldrett 11th June 2019
This recipe does sound disgusting but I think I could modernise it into a lovely vegan meal with a little experimentation

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