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Toad in the Hole - Comments


Name: Louise Marie Speed 7th September 2010
im going to make this in cooking in school :D :D
Name: Kerry-anne Doy 29th September 2010
it look's a bit green but it is great
Name: Jae 18th November 2010
Name: Bailey 6th January 2011
how long does it take to cook? The recipe take 30 to 35 minutes to cook in the oven. The batter needs to rise and turn golden brown. It doesn't take long to make the batter (about 10 minutes depending on how quickly you work) and you could use sausages whole to save some time too. The sausages are only split in this dish as in Wartime little meat was available so people made it go as far as they could. The Cookit Team
Name: Dominic 20th June 2011
i love sausages with yorkshire pudding
Name: Tony 20th June 2011
i love it and sausages very good food
Name: Sean 20th June 2011
i like that its good and that my toad in the hole
Name: Jasmine 20th June 2011
its very good food yorkshire pudding and sausages
Name: Penny 9th October 2011
yuck yuck yuck!!!!!!!!
Name: Bo 22nd October 2011
Name: Charlotte 13th January 2012
i like it. :D
Name: CLAIRE=) 18th February 2012
wow it looks stuning i wish i could have it today!!=)
Name: Danny 30th April 2012
Name: Rose 26th October 2012
look sooooooooooooooooooogood
Name: Nigel Cobbler 14th November 2012
Name: Julia Szabelska 31st January 2013
it looks deli but the name aint help!
Name: 21st May 2013
this was a great help to my ww2 school project
Name: Nathan 19th June 2013
lovely food hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Name: Maya 27th June 2013
I'm going to do this in summer hols hope its nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: YO RO 18th July 2013
i love this it very nice better then minecraft
Name: Tanya 21st October 2013
its so good
Name: NATALIE CINARDI 23rd October 2013
its awesome and really NICE ¬!!!!!
Name: Maxie 10th November 2013
Name: Connie 17th February 2014
how many servings is this recipe? I am making for our co op class and need to know how much to multiply it by.
Name: Sioooo 28th February 2014
cool recipe!!!!
Name: Jacob Swan 17th March 2014
Name: Aaron Peasley 29th September 2014
Name: Billie 6th February 2015
lool this recipie is teh beests
Name: Lol 23rd February 2015
Name: Epic 28th February 2015
Name: Charlie 5th April 2015
it was amazing
Name: Marlene 23rd August 2015
My mother made this a lot when I was young. We didn't have a lot of money and this helped to stretch a small amount of meat to be enough to feed her and 4 kids.
Name: Molly Mae 10th November 2015
The batter looks non-satisfying!
Name: Jo 26th June 2016
A childhood favourite of mine, which is now much appreciated by my (Italian) son, who often asks his grandma to make it for him in London.
Name: J. Neill 3rd July 2016
Name: Isobel Sheppard 27th November 2016
this looks ok
Name: Emma-Louise 9th July 2017
This looks yummy
Name: Emma 9th July 2017
This looks yummy
Name: Amber 29th October 2017
I am making this for my ww2 homework as I like Yorkshire pudding and sausages and this recipe looks delicious
Name: Molly 7th November 2017
fav tea ever : )
Name: Hello 13th December 2017
Name: Sam 13th December 2017
This is yummy
Name: Sasha 5th February 2018
Great for projects!
Name: Jacob 8th October 2018
Name: Imacooldude 29th October 2018
I love toad in the hole
Name: Joanne Temple 26th November 2018
i am doing it for a school project!
Name: Isaac 10th February 2019
The herbs and the parsley aren't necessary but I used plain flour and baking powder; can you use self-raising flour?
Name: Jhhk 18th February 2019
Love this thanks
Name: Not Telling U 22nd March 2019
Do you need the fresh egg
Name: Aaron 17th April 2020
This recipe is amazing! My entire family really loved it! It's filling and easy to make. Seriously, it's REALLY nice! Thanks cookit!

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