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Mock Fish Cakes - Comments


Name: Roo 21st June 2010
nice (not), i would'nt like to eat that 24 7
Name: Sophie Hackett 21st July 2010
good texture!
Name: Ola Piotrowska 3rd May 2012
wow so GOOD i LOVE it
Name: Turpin 10th June 2012
Errrr, what's cayenne We have a fab food section and glossary to help with questions like this. Have a look or just go to We hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Lizzie 2nd October 2012
What type of beans do you recommend using?Hoping to make this recipe on Friday for WWII learning journey with Y6. Try tinned flagelot or butter beans, something pale looks best and tinned beans are already nice and soft, so are easy to use. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Talesa 12th October 2012
I think it helped me very much thank you! I would like to say thank you alot!
Name: Caitlin 8th November 2012
i am putting it in my recipe book for my world war II project. Ihope it tastes good!!!!
Name: Simon 26th March 2014
Name: Patrick 13th May 2014
I love it
Name: Savannah 19th May 2014
these are lovely and delicious
Name: Bob 1st July 2014
this is ok
Name: Sheri 31st July 2014
Does it taste like fish ?
Name: Shane Pritchard 14th January 2015
I think it looks so good i will use this for my world war 2 project & i hope my teacher likes it
Name: Derek 21st April 2015
Of course it tastes of fish you silly! ;)
Don't worry, they do look a bit strange don't they?!
Name: Theo 9th May 2015
they taste soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
good ;)
Name: Ella 16th November 2015
This recipe is still great without anachovy souce it just dose not have the fish taste.
Name: Ella 17th November 2015
There like chicken nuggets
Name: LB 9th December 2015
After searching for this recipe, will try soon, but two comments: I suppose the potatoes or rice and beans have to be mashed up and everything then seasoned with at least salt and pepper? It would also be an idea to add that cayenne is ground chilli pepper for those not having been cooks in WW2!.
Name: Swarkohli 27th January 2016
I want to learn more about rationed food and ingredients can you teach me please☺?
Name: Lol 14th June 2016
its like having jelly
Name: AngleFish 1st April 2017
Aww this is delicious!!! I made this recipe and it was amazing thanks to you:)
Name: Col 5th November 2018
This is so cool

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