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Eggless Mayonnaise - Comments


Name: Morgan 3rd April 2011
rank x x
Name: Corey 10th November 2011
that looks discusting !!
Name: Lorraine Willkomm 25th January 2012
Fergus martin that is very good and healthy.i make it all the time now for my family n friends. And were all healthy. Thank you.
Name: Felipe 20th February 2012
I agree - I can't stand Miracle Whip, and I'm not a huge fan of German pottao salad. But, this pottao salad's a real winner, as long as you like mayo & creamier things. Hope you like!
Name: Eddie Alen 24th March 2012
Name: Sarah 16th December 2014
It's better to put the potato through a fine sieve after it has been cooked to get a smoother texture.

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