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Bread Pudding - Comments


Name: Jane Emma Jones 2nd November 2009
this recipe is fantastic it is perfect for kids and it is a recipe from the past! it is bitter and sweet. it is perfect for a treat!!!
Name: BBBBBB 12th May 2010
I think this would work for a class project
Name: Dakshtha 6th November 2010
i am trying it
Name: Reannna Allen 7th November 2010
At my school we are doing a recipe book im going to do this one.
Do you think this would taste nice for kids???
Almost all the children we cooked with in the project gave it the thumbs up, so we would say yes. The Cookit Team
Name: Abby 17th April 2011
Thanks so much! This really helped my story, which is set in the 1940s.
Name: Tony 6th June 2011
I liked this. The custard was alright
Name: Jasmine 6th June 2011
I think it would be better with butter
Name: Jo 6th June 2011
Name: Dominic 6th June 2011
It was alright...
Name: Sean 6th June 2011
I liked it a bit.
Name: Ahmed 17th June 2011
I think the bread pudding was really nice but I didn't like the carnation milk.
Name: Naadirah 17th June 2011
It was very tasty.And very very messy to would take me about 10 minuntes to eat.
Name: Janez 5th July 2011
i havent actually made it but it made a good recipe for my homework on ww2 food! :)
Name: Shannon 4th October 2011
I have not actualy tried it but used it for my homework on WW2 food!
Name: Holly 17th October 2011
it was easy to make and tasted lovely too!!!!
Name: Belinda 24th October 2011
I'm making it for my ww2 project good luck!
Name: Ningai 24th October 2011
try adding mixed spice instead of just cinnamon for a slightly different flavour
Name: Belinda 24th October 2011
Going to make it tomorrow don't want to do it now!
Name: Bob 16th January 2012
making it ww2 project
Name: David 20th February 2012
David, I've got into making soda bread in s big way it's so easy isn't it? I made some with cheese and onion and I very nearly ate the whole lot! Sweet ones with fruit are good too.
Name: Bradley 1st October 2012
I like the look of it ill make it just now.
Name: Hannah 6th March 2013
I will try this for my World War II day - looks ideal. However, the word document recipe is very different and less detailed than what's on the website.
Name: Emily Gedge 16th July 2013
this is very tasty i have made it my self at school
Name: Lynette Thackeray 26th September 2013
I love bread pudding. I am going to try this one too.
Name: Robert Goldspink 14th September 2014
my mother always made this for us but never had the recipe until now thank you, I can now make it without making mistakes
Name: Jasmine 16th October 2014
OMG! that recipe was brilliant it was such a good treat to bring in for my class.
Name: Dilishas Food Home Cooking 14th April 2015
this was very handy for my school project thanks for coming up with it YUMMY!!!!!!!! i will rate thiss 10 out of 10 my class loved it so much i love it
Name: Lois Tucker 25th April 2015
Thank you so much for this recipe, bread pudding was always about using up what you had in your cupboards as you were unable to just nip to the supermarket a buy what you wanted, well done to you, really well done ❤️
Name: Gemmabella 4th August 2015
Well done! First time I have seen this one in print --- My mother used to make it and I have made it all my adult life with no recipe! Mine recipe is pre-WW11 and varies by using, margarine instead if suet (suet gave my father indigestion!), water instead of milk, jam or honey in place of sugar (sugar was both expensive and rationed in England at the time), no egg, nutmeg as well as cinnamon. It is nice both hot and cold. In fact it is nicer cold. I am 74 years old and according to my mother (now deceased), her mother used to bake it as well, so I can only imagine it is a very old recipe. Again, well done for printing it.
Name: Jo 26th June 2016
Another childhood favourite. I've given up asking my 85 year-old mum for the recipe: she just 'slings' all the ingredients together, but it comes out lovely every time.
Name: Mat 2nd December 2018
Name: Junepatricia 17th January 2019
how many eggs, cant find dried egg.
Name: LekeAne 7th May 2020
I Have made this all my life,I am from the war years and remember My Mother making this and more can make it diffent ways depending on Ingreident avalble

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