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Apricot Upside-Down Pudding - Comments


Name: Molly 7th October 2009
how do i make it for 31 pupils?

The recipe makes 4-6 full size servings, if you are using the pudding for a tasting session it will stretch to 10. You can double the recipe and use a larger pudding basin but any larger volume that this probably won't cook properly. It is better to make several puddings in one large saucepan than trying to make one huge pudding. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: Sarah 28th May 2010
I love it
Name: Emily 6th July 2010
I really like it
Name: Ceciline 28th September 2010
gd i like it, nice
Name: Sophie X :) 3rd February 2011
Very Tasty, could do better but 4/5 :) x
Name: Bob 23rd February 2011
This does not taste like apricots! It tastes of peaches
Name: Danielle :) Xx 28th June 2011
Im going to do this for my history project :) xx Do let us know how it turned out. The Cookit Team
Name: Jimbo Xx 21st May 2012
dunno if this works but hope it does and there loads of great recipies on here great
Name: Chloe Lunn 24th June 2012
i hate this!!! YUK
Name: Tissi 4th November 2013
I am going to do this for my history project
Name: Melissa 27th January 2014
looks lovely but is it Tudors recipe???
Name: Paul. 10th December 2014
Very nice recipe. It warms us well in the microwave but don't leave it for more than a minute or so or it will go hard. We serve it in the restaurant where I help out with apricot sauce on top and vanilla custard. It is well liked.
Name: Maddy 4th September 2016
Em is it ww2 recipe
Name: Alpdkof 14th September 2016
is it nice? gonna make it
Name: CARLA 30th September 2016
Is it nice im gonna make it
Name: Layla 1st October 2016

i did'nt really like it
Name: Isabelle 24th February 2019
Name: Isabelle 24th February 2019
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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