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Yeoman's Pudding - Comments


Name: Hannah H 5th October 2009
i love this website it really helped me with my homework and i tried this recipe
Name: Laurissa Spice 5th October 2009
i love this reipce
Name: Hannah Holland 9th October 2009
i wish i were back in the tudor times
Name: A W 9th October 2009
Name: Aliyah Williams 9th October 2009
hi i luv this recipe i totally agree its yummy coz i made it with my best buddie mummy
Name: Hannah Holland 11th October 2009
i love this recipe so much i made it then ate it all i feel really fat but oh well i loved it sooo much i made it with my mummy and little sis and bessie friend chloe anderson
Name: Laurissa Amy Spice 12th October 2009
i love this so much made with Chloe Anderson this is the tastyest thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Name: Regan Thomas 2nd November 2009
it is disgusting
Name: Regan Thomas 2nd November 2009
at first i did not like it but now i think it is scrumtios
Name: Yasmin Sue 9th November 2009
who would put there whole name on this

this reallly helped me with my history homework finding out some tudor recipes
Name: JAMES DAVIES 7th December 2009
Name: Alex Lunnon 14th December 2009
This is delicious, i loved it.
Name: Joy Burberry 22nd January 2010
Me and my mum tried this. It is absolutely delicious, and quick and easy to make. I shall recommend it to everyone I know.
Name: SK8tr 27th February 2010
its ok in not the best thought
Name: Tshepo 19th September 2010
it was the best thing i tasted it is way coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.
Name: Tshepo 27th September 2010
i love it so does my whole class
Name: MILLIE 25th November 2010
Name: Sophie 13th April 2011
it was the best thing i've ever tasted mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Name: Angel 1998 20th May 2011
This recipe is great!
Name: Madison 25th November 2011
It,s amazing, Delicious,fantastic.
Name: Andreas 6th December 2011
andreas and mum are going to make this dish on saturday when we have no school cant wait it looks deliciousf
Name: Kandene 10th December 2011
this dish is amazing i am so doing this as my homework:):):):):):):):)
Name: Lu Skilton 11th December 2011
Can you make it on a sunday and eat it on a thursday?....... This pudding is best eaten as fresh as possible and preferably hot from the pan. Of course you can make it in advance and serve cold but it isn't anywhere like as nice. The Cookit Team
Name: Eri 12th December 2011
i am making this tomorrow with my mum
Name: Lu Skilton 13th December 2011
can you please specify the exact measurements please. :) This is one of those recipes which is best judged by eye, however to give you a guide; For 2 slices of thick bread, 2 eggs, about a desert spoon of milk, small pinch of nutmeg, a flat desert spoon of honey. This is a very flexible recipe and you do not need to be very exact. We hope this helps. The Cookit Team.
Name: Andreas Constantinou 15th December 2011
really yummy
Name: Mark 28th April 2012
My mums doing it tomorrow
Name: Amy 18th June 2012
realyy cool
Name: Lauren 18th June 2012
cool will be making it in school tomorow
Name: Natasha 1st October 2012
hahahaha this is sooo coolll !!! it helped me with my homework thanks :)
Name: Megan 6th November 2012
This is amazing im doing it for my homework, its simple but looks like i have taken ages on it aha:)
Name: IZZY 12th November 2012
doing this for homework needs to be in on friday :)
Name: Jacob Woods 14th November 2012
wow!!! this is awsome and quite simple for my homework!!! :)
Name: Dilys 29th November 2012
really simple for my homework
Name: Pink Panther 7th December 2012
I have to do a Tudor project for history - gonna make some of this stuff and bring it into school; I love it, thanks x
Name: Rachel, Carlotta, Byron And Elise 19th February 2013
Really nice could eat it again
Name: Lily, Imogen And Elizabeth 23rd February 2013
I think its Awful! Imogen and Elizabeth think it was squishy in the middle but delicious round the outside! It didn't tell you how much you needed of the thing!
Name: Mystery 19th March 2013
this was really nice! We added alot of Honey to make it sweet
Name: Joseph 30th June 2013
REALLY nice! I would definitely recommend this.
Name: JOSEPH 15th July 2013
REALLY nice! could eat it again
Name: Sky Child 10th October 2013
I done this for my Tudor homework and we added chocolate powder. It was sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: YoYo 29th October 2013
REALY tasty. need to try again
Name: Laura 19th November 2013
how much milk do you put in
Name: TOCKY 9th December 2013
Name: A Guy 8th March 2015
it wasnt until i looked at all comments that i realized youd replied to exact measurements needed
Name: Megan Oakey 10th June 2015
I love it, advise to add some ginger
Name: Fern Boniface 23rd June 2015
Sooo yummy in my tummy
Name: Bob 15th July 2015
these are so flavoursome and fruity i LOVW ITTT
Name: Michelle 21st January 2016
this recipe is amazing!!!!!!!!!
Name: MICHELLE 21st January 2016
Name: Alex 23rd January 2016
this was perfect for my homework
Name: Emily 30th December 2016
Perfect for my homework
Name: Roisin 22nd January 2017
absolutely brilliant for my homework
Name: Joe 16th May 2017
perfect for my homework
Name: Tatiana Allen 11th June 2017
This was exactly what I needed for my homework.Thank you so much.
Name: Rosie 15th September 2018
Thanks it was good for my homework.
Name: Jeff 22nd January 2019
Good home work thanks peeps
Name: Heath 11th January 2020
When it was frying it smelt of pancakes. I wasn't that sure of trying them at first because people said they were disgusting but when I tried them they tasted oddly nice. I'll give this a five star review and I recommend this for homework. Thanks for the recipe.

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