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Baked Salmon (Paleolithic) - Comments


Name: Gerryindevon 8th June 2010
Great stuff, Jo and Steve, thank you. No wimpish "Here's one I made earlier", either. Is the baked mammoth one next?
Name: Max Wylde 28th June 2011
Awesome video. I'm going to try doing this. Gives me a whole new appreciation for prehistoric man. Do let us know how it goes. Filming was very interesting and we were lucky to work with such knowledgeable people. The fish steams in the grass, inside the clay, so it is very moist when cooked. The Cookit Team
Name: Paul 21st November 2011
I'm curious to know why you say uncooked salmon would make you very ill when plenty of people eat sashimi without any problems, especially if the fish is very fresh. Thank you
Name: Nataliaza 20th February 2012
I agree with Bleazzy2425 on how well you do your video. You make it seem very do-able as opposed to sooo many other supposedly helpful cooking vid's where the chef might be using all these different utinsels and chef school type phrases.
Name: Lesley K Spivey 10th September 2015
He's not talking about a nice clean antiseptic sushi bar. Get some raw salmon, take it home, open the package and let it sit on an exterior window sill for 2-3 hrs then eat it. Odds are bacteria will have grown on the raw fish enough to make you sick.
Name: Arnav 8th July 2019
Great Recipe!

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