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Steamed Chocolate Pudding - Comments


Name: Demi 12th May 2010
it is mmmmmmmmmmmm
Name: Charlotte 7th June 2010
Name: Charlotte 7th June 2010
Name: Abi And Holly 23rd June 2010
Sounds horrible!! Tastes horrible!! :)
Name: Fran 24th August 2010
ewww do i have to taste this for my homework gross!
Name: Michal Bob 24th August 2010
its very nice
Name: Stacey 21st October 2010
This looks nice!!!
Name: Nerd Poo 25th October 2010
Taste very nice, i will make it again cause it was soo nice :))
Name: Perpetua 27th October 2010
It was a lovely dish
Name: Lucy 15th February 2011
i love it .Tasted lovley help me with homework
Name: Katie 24th February 2011
great .best ever recipe ww2 rocks
Name: James 16th March 2011
It was lurrrrrvely!!!

Name: Marths 6th May 2011
Yummy in my tummy
Name: Maryam 20th June 2011
i am bringing it in school for my homework on ww2 its greatest homework and pudding ever!
Name: Yvonne 12th July 2011
It was delicious. Best pudding ever
Name: Marths 3rd October 2011
yummy yummy
Name: Leanne Shaw 12th October 2011
its alright :)
Name: Nicole 18th October 2011
Thankyou for this recipie it has helped me with my homework.
Name: Lk 17th November 2011
Name: Emma 30th November 2011
thnx so much this really helped me with my homework even though we didnt have a steamer
Name: Katie 18th January 2012
i love this recipe
Name: MOLLY IS AMAZING 12th May 2012
It looked a bit like sand when i first saw it but im still going to use it for my homework project!!!!!!
Name: Rose 27th September 2012
you are the best
Name: Jasmine 25th October 2012
This recipie sounds sooooooooooooooooooo nice and the picture makes it look sooooooo nice too !!!!!!!!!! I made it then tryed it, it was sooooo yummy
Name: Millie 16th December 2012
its ok
Name: Salah 13th January 2013
Please keep tohrwing these posts up they help tons.
Name: Lucie 17th January 2013
This recipe looks awsome... Im gonna make it for my WW2 project. I wonder if it tastes nice well we will have to wait and see
Name: Tegan 29th January 2013
this looks good
Name: Julia Szabelska 31st January 2013
im doing a ww2 project too. im writing it in my rationing section. try the eggless cake
Name: Random Dude 25th February 2013
my god dis looks absoleutely fantastic
Name: Oliver 9th May 2013
it looks good
Name: Sam 23rd June 2013
Omg! this is amazing, it is soooo delicious!

I wanted to make another 1, so I did !
Name: Kyran 16th September 2013
it is awesome
Name: Isabel77 11th October 2013
good cake
Name: Freda 19th October 2013
This is amazing
Name: Elen 4th November 2013
it was very nice!
Name: Patti 26th November 2013
Name: Lottie 4th December 2013
It was amazing plus had lots of fun though was a bit tricky!!!!
Name: Dion Stopps 13th March 2014
Name: Emma 19th March 2014
Name: Jane 25th July 2014
Sorry but they didnt have margarine in WWII so please where you see the word change it to butter otherwise recipe not authentic
Name: Bonnie Parker-Duke 10th September 2014
Jane, they most certainly did have margarine during World War 2. The ration was 2 to 4 ounces per month depending on the supplies. You should do a bit more research before you begin criticizing authentic recipes.
Name: Ruby Aka Lol Girl 15th October 2014
I love it looks amazing mmmmmmm
Name: Farah 8th February 2016
least fav
Name: JoeSnow 15th May 2016
We don't get Tate and Lyle golden syrup in America. Would Karo syrup or molasses work instead?
Name: Dabalicious 3rd October 2016
are u sure thats what they would of had. can u do more history recipes please theres not that many.thanksxxxxxxx
it will help!
Name: Cameron 18th October 2016
Name: Poop 28th October 2016
Name: Bananas 29th November 2016
Name: BANANAS 29th November 2016
I'm still screaming YUM
Name: Ronaldo 19th September 2017
Name: Bobbie 9th October 2017
its amazing fam man cant stop munching
Name: LoveThisCake 30th October 2017
Mmmmmmm, soooooo gooooood!
Name: Yum 26th November 2018
Name: Aaron 17th April 2020
This is brilliant for projects and really nice, anybody who needs to do a world war 2 recipe for school should DEFINETELY use this!

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